nato: 70 years too many – canadian dimension

These activities have turned the end of Cold War from opportunity for new diplomacy and development into era of global tension, encircling Russia and China thereby creating the conditions for Cold War, tearing up international legal norms, notably around sovereignty, and introducing bogus notions..

china: the approaching storm

The rising level of tension with the US is revealed by changes China's policy. In Guangdong, the centre of China and the world, about 50 students joined the workers of Jasic International at the end of July, and wanted to unionise legally under ACFTU. ..

the cia “hybrid war” against venezuela

Iraq, Libya — and China . It is also imperative to remember the U.S. war of aggression against Iraq, as well as the war against Libya. ... This presence, above all that of China, the White House considers a danger, since all over Latin America China’s companies provide a..

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