chinatown ’89: riding the dragon

Virgo Lee, chair of the Asian Americans for David Dinkins, rejected plea by Lui, also Dinkins supporter, to dissociate from honor of National Day in the People's Republic of China. Since then, CPA members have broadened out and become in Rainbow Coali­tion, and now they have become the main..

malaysia chronicle

the world was shocked by fast-growing China. The outbreak is believed to have originated in illegally traded wildlifeand seafood market Wuhan, China, rabbits and marmots. ... While the death toll is expected to continue to rise, most of the cases are contained China. ..

chinatown ’89: growing by leaps

Blatantly discriminatory immigration quotas that had straitjacketed the com­munity since the 1880s were lifted, and China’s visa allocation jumped at once from 105 per year to 20,000 (on par with all other non-European nations). ... Because the old China trade operated off the..

president trump signs usmca

Of course, the ratification of USMCA comes on the heels of game-changing new trade deal with China, new agreement with our largest export partners Japan, and much-improved access to European Union 2020 is off to truly historic start for U.S beef producers... ..

the trumpification of american politics?

Many studies have shown that Republicans aren’t a Trumpy monolith — whether the evidence offered is the victory of business/establishment types in GOP primaries or clear disagreements with Trump on foreign policy issues like trade deals or a trade war with China. . ... While the majority of..

normalizing religious persecution

Fenggang Yang, professor of sociology and Director of Center on Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University told TIME that there are about 116 Protestant Christians China in 2020... ... The crackdown on religion China is part of pattern of increasing Christian across Asia over the..

top story 135

That means more auto content would have to come from North America, not imported more cheaply from China and elsewhere. . ... That means more content would have to be homegrown in higher-wage North America, not imported more cheaply from China and elsewhere. . ..

europe and china

Conflict-laden issues including the New Silk Road are setting the agenda at EU- China summit today, Tuesday. ... EU and China joining forces in the trade dispute with the US. At EU- China summit they agreed to cooperate more closely in the areas of economic affairs and..

to keep the rohingya alive

article by Tony Cartalucci explains the importance of Kyaukpyu as the starting point of pipeline to China of the population impedes the progress of China Myanmar cooperation. ... While The Gambia was able to base its claim of Court's on Genocide Convention's Article IX, the Peoples..

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