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China's new Type 055 destroyer among best in the world experts. Chinese military enthusiasts have been dreaming for decades to China have destroyer. ... By foreign powers from the sea, Between 1840 and 1949, China suffered more than 470 invasions. ..

chinese revolution

In this article we examine the war and its effect on China, the role of Chinese ruling class in the war, and the strategy and tactics of Chinese Communist Party that led the... ... Using the method of Marxism to describe the regime of Tito, the split with Stalin, this document by Ted Grant from..!/quality/90/?

here's why we should never trust china on climate change

Jerry Brown justified his state working with China We're going to do more with China, and we're going to link together because it used to be China and United States as the pillar. ... Recent news suggests that it would not be following China, except would be sending..

china-russia relations embrace golden era

The high-frequent exchanges between the two heads of state, have written chapter of China- Russia head-of-state diplomacy, and led bilateral relations into the time of history.. ... The two heads of state also visited student representatives survived in the earthquake of southwestern..

the press under fire

My colleagues work with journalists in Turkey, where at least sixty-eight journalists are in prison for their work, and China, where mass surveillance and censorship are common. ..

china focus: china alerts students to risks of going

The official cited statistics from China Scholarship Council to show the trend of visa restrictions by United States.. ... The center, will continue to encourage Chinese students to study overseas including in United States, and facilitate more foreign students to study China... ..

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