george h.w. bush, 41st u.s. president, dead at 94

Under Ford, Bush filled two year-long posts, first as an unofficial ambassador to China — unofficial because the United States did not yet have relations with Communist China — sometimes surprising Chinese officials by arriving to meetings on a bicycle instead of in a limousine. ... And..

report notes china’s influence in the us

The report, Chinese Influence & American Interests, was written by leading experts on China for Stanford University's Hoover Institution and Center on U.S.- China Relations at Asia Society.. ... By pressuring their relatives mainland, In Chinese- American, China has sought to..

cold war fears cloud trump-xi summit

President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping will hold the important meeting between the leaders of United States and China decades Argentina on Saturday night... ... Underlining naval tensions, the US this week sent cruiser on the freedom of navigation exercise in the South China..

george h.w. bush dead at 94

Liaison Office in China and then director of the Central Intelligence Agency. . ... But his background in national security and his relationships with foreign leaders — forged during his tenure at the UN and the CIA and in China — prepared him for dealing with a world that was..

the power of the documentary

Governments in Australia – a country with no enemies – seem determined to make an enemy out of China, a nuclear armed power, because that’s what America wants. . ... Donald Trump’s vice president, a religious fanatic called Mike Pence, destroyed this month’s APEC conference with his..

neocons want war with russia and china

On departure for G-20 gathering Buenos Aires, President Donald Trump canceled his planned weekend meeting with Vladimir Putin, citing as his reason Russian military's seizure and holding of three Ukrainian ships and 24 sailors.. ..

a savage 'war to end all wars,' and a failed peace

Furthermore, when it became clear that the European colonies would not receive postwar home rule, riots and protests erupted in India, Egypt and China. Observing this, and commenting on the failures of the Treaty of Versailles, a young library assistant named Mao Zedong – later the leader of..

a world federation – countercurrents

The blocks might be 1 ) Latin America ) Africa ) Europe ) North America ) Russia and Central Asia ) China ) India and Southeast Asia ) The Middle East and 9 ) Japan, Korea and Oceania.. One thinks of China, India, Brazil, Russian Federation, United States, and European Union. ..

argentina compared to brazil

So Zeihan is implying that with US out as cop that somehow things would get so bad that China and Brazil and other bi-lateral relationships would not be able to figure out way to maintain their own trade shipments. ..

people first

He said the government would also establish special zones to save the livestock animals from foot and mouth diseases through vaccination so that halal and good quality meat could be exported to China, the Middle East and other countries. ..

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