tom g. palmer

He frequently lectures North America, Europe, Eurasia, Africa, Latin America, China, and Middle East on science, choice, the moral, and civil society, legal, and historical foundations of individual rights. ..

worse than a cold war with china

Many of America's friends Asia are not prepared to ally militarily against China even as Beijing occupies and fortifies tiny islets in China seas and advances its territorial claims. ... While China has attempted and often exploited the US and others infringing on or stealing..

china seeks framework for november deal with trump

To China's, American side added the demand that China reduce subsidies to industry that competes with United States.. China told United States that it would buy whatever United States wanted to sell order to reduce the deficit, and is ready to work with Washington on improving..

technoccult articles in december, 2010

China's commerce ministry announced on Tuesday Beijing steep reduction in export quotas for earth metals in the first months of next year, move that threatens to cause further difficulties for manufacturers already struggling with short supplies and soaring prices.. ... China mines more..


TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined efforts by Europe, India, China and Russia to help Tehran nullify the US sanctions, saying that Americans will fail to achieve their desirable objectives with regard to Tehran... ..

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