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panel of security experts say China is leading the in technology due to Beijing setting clear investment strategy to its industrial base. ... Tags carrier, china, hypersonic, military, satellites, technology... ..

official vows to rid faith of western influences

Chinese official who oversees state-sanctioned Christian churches has pledged to rid Protestant faith China of any Western imprint, calling for further sinicization of religion.. ... The actions by anti- China forces that attempt to affect our stability or even subvert the regime of our..

china rejects us accusations on human rights

Foreign Ministry Lu Kang China on Thursday said that it opposed United States human rights report making unfounded accusations against China, urging U.S to stop interfering China's internal affairs.. ... Just China-related content of this year's report is full of..


The report also singled out Washington's other adversaries, including China, Russia and North Korea like in previous years. . ..

god's two end-time messages

In with Pentagon's National Defense Strategy announcement earlier this year, U.S plans to 10 percent of its personnel from Africa to regions that it deems to be of priority to prepare for confrontation with Russia or China. ..

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