netanyahu woos far right

The main to Netanyahu is the newly formed Blue and White party, differing mainly by being more secularist. It will seek coalition with Netanyahu's party Likud, on the assumption that Netanyahu will then be out of the game. ..

war on al-aqsa: what price netanyahu's victory

Indeed, the union between Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid, has upped the ante for Netanyahu. ... Netanyahu's decision to strike alliance with Otzma Yehudit the rebranded party of Meir Kahane further demonstrates how the current surge of violence around Palestinian sites is pre-calculated..

jewish leader: netanyahu election move concerns us jews

JERUSALEM — Jewish-American leader says that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's with ultranationalist political party has raised significant concerns among U.S. Netanyahu last week welcomed merger that folded the. As part of their deal, Netanyahu gave the merged party a..

bibi netanyahu: world's most strategic man?

Netanyahu has kept Jewish state's with the US and doubled down on it, while at the time opening up to other world powers like India, China, and Russia. ... Netanyahu, on the other hand, invested lot of diplomatic clout into UN against Hezbollah and Hamas that is changing the regional..

time to dump netanyahu

Moreover, Netanyahu's fear mongering and amplification of Iranian threat pushed Palestinian to the back burner.. ... The election offers Israelis opportunity to rid themselves of the revisionist, nationalist blindly zealous leaders like Netanyahu. ..

» erekat: “trump and netanyahu continue to act on

President Donald Trump, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are ongoing with their politics to destroy the solution, and replace it with their own facts on the ground, violation of International Law.. ... Commenting on Netanyahu's statements regarding full normalization with..

netanyahu hails gcc hezbollah listing

Netanyahu praises GCC blacklisting of Hezbollah . Tue Mar 8, 2016 10:4AM . . . . . Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has praised a decision by Persian Gulf Arab states to blacklist Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement. . ..

; netanyahu fuming – american free press

Days later, in effort to further clarify the discord between Obama White House and Netanyahu, publicly that U.S and Israel were operating on different schedules... ... It had been the contention of Netanyahu and Ehud Barak that the end of Syrian government would make it easier to attack..

moderate brought into fold

Netanyahu's Likud Party finished close second in national elections on Feb to Kadima Party, and Peres turned to Netanyahu. Netanyahu could have set up regime, and instead sought to establish more broad-based coalition. ..

netanyahu emerges in israeli race

Lieberman, threw his support behind Netanyahu who ultimately must decide whether to ask Netanyahu or moderate Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni to form government. ... By virtue of her narrow victory and, Livni and Netanyahu lay claim to the premiership -- Livni Netanyahu..


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