President Donald Trump drew closer than ever to being impeached, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received crushing blow from Britain's Supreme Court, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was given the first shot at forming new government.. ... This is not to suggest Donald Trump,..

the year in review, 5779

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara address their supporters after the Iast elections on April 9. ... But Netanyahu argued back that evening, saying it was never a question of whether Jews would be allowed into the Temple Mount area, but how to manage their entrance safely,..

mairav zonszein

Netanyahu and his right-wing camp are expected, according to most polls, to secure the 61-seat majority needed to form a governing coalition. ... Despite the rivalry between Netanyahu and Gantz, one should not rule out the possibility of the two forming a unity government. ..

peace or apartheid: end of bibi era

Israel's President, Reuven Rivlin, would have the final say in picking the person to lead in Knesset, Netanyahu was except assured of embarking on record fifth term as prime minister... Netanyahu said which he said would be released days after the election, would provide a historic..

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