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Although Orbán maintains a showcase friendship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and with a tiny Hasidic community inside Hungary, he makes sure his followers can identify the real enemy behind the supposedly extremist liberals and the CEU, all of whom “serve foreign interests” or..

“putinyahu’s rusrael”: the putin-netanyahu

Israel for last September's incident, and not once did he order his military to suspend the so-called deconfliction mechanism that he agreed to create with Netanyahu three years prior just before the commencement of the intervention. All of this begs the obvious question of what President Putin..

“everyone knows” … but everyone’s wrong -

PM Netanyahu’s promise to extend Israeli sovereignty to the settlements – and not, by the way, “to annex the West Bank” as so many headlines have it – has re-ignited debate about these issues. ... So the idea that “Netanyahu has killed the two-state solution” is silly. ..


., seeing Trump's close ties with Netanyahu as contributor to the gravely wrong move made by the US of Tuesday Israel... ... Likud party, led by Netanyahu, and Blue and White alliance, led by former Israeli Defense Forces Benny Gantz,  who threatens to end Netanyahu's..

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