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The latest attack on Gaza was meant to serve the interests of all of Netanyahu's coalition partners, 2019 Editor's Picks, Europe, Politics, US, Viewpoints.. The war that Bolton and Netanyahu are preparing to spring on Trump is to be much larger 2019 News & Analysis, Palestine, Politics,..

did the left betray israel and zionism?

Now, it seems, the tables have turned, and it is embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing allies and followers who are disinterested in anything but a one-state solution. ... And so there’s an elephant in the room now, which is actually Netanyahu is probably..


“It is a petty that a handful of Arab kings, to save themselves and reach their goals, are of the illusion that they will meet their dream if they side with [Israeli Prime minister Benjamin] Netanyahu,” he said regretting the secret alignment of some Arab monarchs with Israel. . “How can..

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