where does europe stand?

According to research conducted by Pew Research Centre October 2018, Eastern and Western Europeans differ on many key social issues including the legalisation of same-sex marriage. ..

germany’s dramatic rise of the greens

It is a blatantly anti-Western regime possessing the Middle East’s largest arsenal of ballistic missiles. . ... Ancient Egypt included parts of Sudan, and ancient Ethiopia included southern Egypt, northern Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and western Yemen. ..

new york times’ halbfinger doubles down on bias

Israel and Western countries see those payments [by the PA to Palestinians imprisoned for terrorism against Israel], which began in the 1960s, as incentivizing terrorism. ... Embassy move to western Jerusalem has no relevance to future negotiations and was, as many have noted, an..

china and russia in strategic alliance

While Putin and Xi contribute to solid project for the future, those of the United States and some other Western countries show their disagreements. ... The Battle of Stalingrad, ended February 1943, some 16 months before Western Allies launched their. ..

capitalism versus democracy

The ossification that it has created comes through class control of the sphere, domination of the political process via campaign contributions and the role that corporations have assumed at the heart of Western political economy.. ..

why it's critical to respect our flag

Warning Americans of the leftist agenda, “Godlessness: the First Step to the Gulag,” May 10, 1983: “Western societies are losing more and more of their religious essence as they thoughtlessly yield up their younger generation to atheism. … Atheist teachers in the West are bringing up a..

the external roots of spygate

Over the past three years, MSM has done job brainwashing its audience into believing that Putin preferred, supported, or even colluded with Trump in the 2016 elections The ideation of Putin- Trump association and of Russian on Trump's behalf came from Western Europe. ..

people lied, millions died

Augustine of Hippo, also known as St Augustine, was a leading figure of the ancient Western Church. ... Augustine of Hippo, also known as St Augustine, was a leading figure of the ancient Western Church. ..

the neoliberal rearguard

ranks of first-rate independent journalists now dot the coarse hide of the beast of the mainstream, more woodpeckers than parasites, slowly penetrating the carapace of falsehood that coarsens the consciousness of western citizenry. ... Third, Soviet Union was demonstrable success, achieving some..

when china leads the world

Russia has begun work on Western end of high speed rail line designed to run from Moscow to Beijing and, in 2019, added new dimension Polar Sea Route, 'connecting northeastern, eastern and southeastern Asia with Europe. ... PLA-15's smaller sibling, PLA-10, is no less deadly, says ISIS Douglas..

this week at state: june 14, 2019

From June 11-12 Buenos Aires, the United States and Government of Argentina convened workshop on countering Hizballah's and illicit activities in Western Hemisphere. ... On June 11-12 the United States and Government of #Argentina convened workshop on countering # Hizballah's and illicit..

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