assault on western civilization

Western civilization was founded on set of philosophies that focuses on the sanctity of individuals and their power of logic and reason. ... The greatest efforts to downplay the achievements of Western civilization start at our colleges and universities. ..

the lure of western europe

Nevertheless, the lure of Western Europe, its prosperity, its culture, and the continental and transatlantic institutions built by Adenauer, Churchill, Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, and handful of Dutch, Belgian, and Italian statesmen, did become powerful. ..

macedonian pro-western, nationalist candidates tied in

By deep divisions over change of the SKOPJE - Macedonia's pro-Western, Stevo Pendarovski, and his main Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova emerged tied in the first round of presidential vote dominated's name to North Macedonia under deal with Greece... ... The two will face run-off on May 5, reflecting..

is the western world declining and russia rising?

Prior to 1914, nine western European countries controlled over four-fifths of the earth's lands, and United States had also expanded the lands it controlled by annexing Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Guam and making Cuba protectorate. ... The rise of Russia, with Stalin succeeding Lenin as Soviet..

western water law is being challenged

Frost is we believe the first of many decisions that may reshape Western Water Law. ... As it is the first in a series, I will attempt over time to provide a framework for understanding Western Water Law and the possible changes that are in store to deal with a growing population and Global..

western culture has died

Western Culture Has Died A Politically Correct Death . By . . ... Western Imperialism Was a Racist Project . Postcolonialists like to stress the racial dimension of Western imperialism: as an illustration of racism. ..

official vows to rid faith of western influences

official vows to rid faith of Western influences. Chinese official who oversees state-sanctioned Christian churches has pledged to rid Protestant faith China of any Western imprint, calling for further sinicization of religion.. ... Western influence... must recognize that..

will ethnocide in western china become genocide?

According to the recent estimates, there are most likely 11,000,000 Uighurs and 1.6 Kazakhs living in the Western Chinese Province of Xinjiang.. ... Tutsis slaughtered by Hutus to protect themselves from Japanese-American families rounded up into compounds in the western US during World..

the orientalism of western russophobia

Orientalism of Western Russophobia.. Last year marked the anniversary of the publication of Edward W. ... Said interrogated Other-ing of non- Western in the humanities, arts, and anthropology down to its minutiae. ..

russia warns ukraine and its western sponsors

Russia warns Ukraine and its Western sponsors » Politics. Russia will continue suppressing attempts to undermine its security and sovereignty, ment from Russian Foreign Ministry said connection with the incident with the vessels of Ukrainian Navy in Kerch Strait... ... Earlier, Russian Foreign..

the disintegration of western society

Western Brainwashed Civilization, only handful of people exist who are capable of differentiating the real from the in. Everything that every Western government and news organization says is lie to control the explanations that we are fed order to keep us locked The Matrix.. ..

western war games in ukraine

First, the skirmish is not simply another example of Russian aggression, and, second, the institutions of Western power, from NATO to EU, have been far from inactive, both in fomenting Russia- Ukraine and in perpetuating it... ..

children: civilization’s future, victims of western

Children Civilization's Future, Victims of Western Brutality.. The United Nations Universal Children's Day November has come and gone and nothing has changed. ... Otherwise the western driven killing and war machine slaughters children, by famine, by drones, by bombs, by disease, by..

south sudan: soldiers attack civilians in western region

South Sudan's government should ensure that their soldiers in Western Bahr Ghazal region stop attacking civilians and property, that humanitarian organizations have proper access to civilians in need, and that there is justice for the crimes committed, .. ... Western Bahr Ghazal region,..

attitudes of christians in western europe

Muslims now make up estimated 4.9% of the population of European Union and somewhat higher shares in some of Western Europe's most populous countries UK and Germany. ... The majority of adults in United States, like the majority of Western Europeans, continue to identify as Christian. ..

iraqi forces liberate two western regions

Iraqi security forces, backed by fighters from allied Popular Mobilization Units, have liberated two districts in the conflict-ridden western province of Anbar from Daesh Takfiri terrorists.  . ... The northern and western parts of Iraq have been plagued by violence ever since Daesh..

talking policy: cas mudde on western populism

Western Europe has a much more limited freedom of speech, and there is a very broad support for sanctioning of hate speech. ... And so I worry that the EU and the U.S. will push very hard on CEU because it is in some ways a Western institution, and Orbán will give way on that but then will..

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