iran: rebellion and reaction

While Ahmadinejad’s fan club on the international Left may imagine the Iranian president to be an anti-imperialist reformer like Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez, Ahmadinejad’s policies actually recall that of the former right-wing president of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, who dissolved parliament with a..

the future of freedom foundation

Fully understanding this spending problem, President Trump and his anti-immigrant cohorts and his fellow interventionist want to spend even more billions of dollars on their Berlin Wall and are now threatening Venezuela with war, on top of their forever wars in Middle East and Afghanistan.. ..

the retreat of the pink tide in latin america

We saw this saw the mobilization of Brazilian and Colombian troops to the border with Venezuela, under the guise of addressing the humanitarian crisis of populations leaving Venezuela. ... This has to do with the opening up of alternative lines of credit, both through the wealth that..

this week at state: february 1, 2019

 State-owned companies like Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A have been used to control, manipulate, and steal from Venezuelan people, and United States must take necessary actions to prevent the illegitimate former Maduro regime from further plundering Venezuela's assets and natural..

the us congress is preparing a new war

Today, the US Treasury is applying political sanctions against Belarus, Burundi, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Nicaragua, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, to which we must add the Donetsk People’s Republic Ukraine),..

imperialism with a human face

In recent years, Washington has experienced erosion of its influence South America, driven by the rise of Brazil, the region's left turn, the growing influence of China and Venezuela's use of oil revenue to promote multipolar diplomacy. ..


Approximately 3 million people have fled Venezuela, and 2.4 million migrants have settled in Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. ..

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