venezuela: the next syria

Our security interest Venezuela is not to topple Maduro it's to Russia and Iran from turning Venezuela into power base in Americas.. ... The longer we wait to take action against Russia and Iran, the harder it will be to force them out of Venezuela. ..

the cia “hybrid war” against venezuela

Consequently, Mike Pompeo, without the binding opinion of the generals, was able to give CIA for the planning and implementation of all the subversive operations necessary to cause deep and destructive crisis Venezuela, capable of destroying the resilience of Nicolás Maduro's government.. ..

anti-venezuela propaganda rages

Reuters Trump regime called for Security Council on Venezuela this Wednesday, seeking. United Nations support for its backing of Juan Guaido as the president of Venezuela it wo not get the session to be for anti-Bolivarian on the world stage.. ..

raging us media war on venezuela

Deploring democracy the way it should be at home and abroad, while pretending otherwise, they support Trump regime efforts to crush the real thing Venezuela. . ... WaPo lied claiming Venezuela's military and pro- Maduro paramilitary groups have escalated the use of force against Guaido..

regime change means drenching venezuela in blood

Last Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered the last of the US diplomats out of Venezuela, saying their presence was a constraint on US policy toward the country. ... According to media reports, Vice President Mike Pence is angry with Venezuela, Juan Guaido, because he promised the..


Venezuela is in the midst of marked and alarming in the position of media outlets and conditions for carrying out journalism, coupled with the country's economic crisis. ‎ ‎ ... Venezuela's economic crisis continued to affect the industry, leaving dozens of publications in of..

presstv-us sanctions russian bank over venezuela

This action demonstrates that United States will take action against foreign financial institutions that sustain Maduro regime and contribute to the economic collapse and humanitarian crisis plaguing the people of Venezuela, ment.. ... Speaking Caracas on Saturday, Maduro praised..

the venezuela deception

Why do not they focus on the massive differences between Venezuela and Cuba, such as the very rightwing Venezuela that the government there allows to exist, in the name of pluralism. ... This article was posted on Sunday, March 10th, 2019 at 1 56am and is filed under Disinformation,..

forgotten voices in venezuela crisis

Predictably overlooked in Manichean view of the crisis are voices of Venezuela's dissident left that takes neither nor position opposed to both the regime and the right-wing leadership of the opposition.. On Jan. 17, six days ahead of Guaidó's attempted power-grab, Citizen Platform Defense..

how to avoid a war in venezuela

By cutting off Venezuela's oil trade with the US and threatening to sanction non-US firms that do business with Venezuela's state-owned oil company, Trump administration has created one of the most punitive economic sanctions regimes recent history. ... Security Council is also the..

the war on venezuela

Of the 92 elections that we've monitored, said former President Jimmy Carter, I would say the election process Venezuela is the in the world.. ... It's too difficult to report Washington's sanctions against Venezuela, including $2billion worth of imported medicines, as illegal, or Bank..

will venezuela crisis split democrats?

Venezuela Crisis between U.S and Germany broke out Great Britain and Italy, leading to naval blockade of Venezuelan ports. ... The split between a hard vs a soft coup came to in Senate effort to pass resolution supporting Trump's Venezuela policy that collapsed over disagreement about..

presstv-cuba denies military presence in venezuela

By governments opposed to it, Cuba has denied accusations by United States that it has deployed military forces to neighboring Venezuela. ... According to media reports, Venezuela has ordered the suspension of air and sea links with Netherlands Antilles islands of Aruba and Bonaire as..

marco rubio declares war on venezuela

Rubio traveled down to Colombia Venezuela over the weekend to threaten US of Venezuela if US aid convoy is not allowed to cross the bridge. Rubio's sudden concern for Venezuela smacks of hypocrisy, as he supported all US sanctions that have made life for Venezuelans miserable. ..

venezuela: democratic uprising or us coup?

It blocked the state owned oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela, known as PDVSA, from receiving payment for oil shipments to United States. ... From geopolitical standpoint, the neocons see overthrowing Venezuela as first step towards doing Cuba and Nicaragua.. ..

us using venezuela crisis

As result, Washington has faced dilemma, out Being permanent members of the UN Security Council, Russia and China may veto any decisions to use force against  Venezuela on the part of the Trump administration... Beijing has good reason to support Maduro, Carvalho underscored First, Chinese..

venezuela and the left

Instead of playing either or game, both sources of Venezuela's crisis must be acknowledged the government's and U.S policy of deliberately increasing suffering as way of pushing the population to turn against the government.. With the likes of John Bolton and Elliot Abrams directing Trump's on..

america’s war on venezuela

America seeks control of Venezuela South and Central American worlds. From Hugo Chavez took office, United States has been trying to overthrow Venezuela's movement by using sanctions, coup attempts, and funding the opposition parties. ..

the root of the problem in venezuela

The lessons of the embargo on Haiti in the early 19th century and Cuba in the century are important guides in making sense of the present crisis resulting from American embargo wall that surrounded Venezuela.  . It was the fear that the unity of Venezuela, the country with the largest..

how venezuela has united erdogan, turkish left

But what the catastrophe of Venezuela could not do, the latest crisis that pitted Maduro against Trump, European Union and the majority of Latin American countries has.. ... Back to the Venezuela issue, Bloodworth's question for the Turkish left is  It's one thing for Western..

five misconceptions about the crisis in venezuela

Some media reports and analyses on the latest developments in Venezuela are repeating the following five misconceptions: .  1.      “Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself president of Venezuela” .  Juan Guaidó is the president of the National Assembly, a body that is controlled by the..

hands off venezuela! – people's world

Venezuela ordered U.S diplomats to leave the country within 72 hours, and in another dangerous move, U.S is ordering them to stay on the pretext that Maduro is not the president. ... The people of United States need to speak out forcefully immediately to put stop to Trump administrations..

venezuela at another crossroads

Trump announced yesterday that the U.S. government recognized Guaidó as Venezuela’s president. ... She has conducted research on politics, violence, and policing in Venezuela since 2009. ..

russia warns us against intervention in venezuela

Russia against Venezuela. 88 Views. Moscow Thursday warned Washington against military Venezuela saying this would trigger a catastrophic scenario.. Sergei Ryabkov, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister, said Moscow would stand with Venezuela to protect its sovereignty and the..

venezuela experts

FIU experts are available to help analyze the ongoing political turmoil in Venezuela. . ... He earned his law degree from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Caracas, Venezuela) and has been a faculty member at the Universidad Central de Venezuela Law School in Caracas. ..

venezuela in crisis: a way forward

Two examples of high-level corruption provide sense of the scale of Venezuela's problem. ... Organization of American States, Report of General Secretariat of the Organization of American States and Panel of Independent International Experts on Possible Commission of Crimes Against Humanity..

regime change 2.0: is venezuela next?

This was unforgivable — neither could Venezuela be allowed to lead bloc of oil-producing countries nor could it be allowed to create bloc of Latin American states that opposed U.S interference. ... It's clear that these investigations are part of road map, that is, to bring U.N into the..

venezuela: critics under threat

On February, Carlos Rosales, physician who is the president of Venezuelan Association of Clinics and Hospitals, was detained day after he gave TV interview about the shortage of medical supplies Venezuela. ..

chinese warship docks in venezuela

Chinese Warship Docks in Venezuela . . Chinese Warship Docks in Venezuela . ... The Peace Ark arrived in Venezuela last Saturday. . China has been a major economic backer of Venezuela in the past but halted its flow of cash to Venezuela three years ago when the..

venezuela on fire

Brazil, Peru, and Argentina have even led effort to censure Venezuela in Organization of American States, arguing that Venezuela is violation of Inter-American Democratic Charter. ..

russia to lend venezuela money

Moscow agreed to lend Venezuela money to buy wide range of Russian and hardware, said in Kremlin. ... In November, Russia is expected to dispatch warships, including cruiser, into Venezuela's waters for exercises. ..

judicial independence under siege in venezuela

Toward that end, the judiciary launched program of public competitions for judgeships November 2000.It was the most ambitious program of its sort that Venezuela had seen, and produced over 200 permanent judges over the next two years. ... The firings occurred on March 2, when Venezuela..

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