human rights and cultural practices

Examining the practices from constitutional perspective, there are aspects of initiation and virginity testing that appear to violate the constitutional rights to freedom to choose and the right not to suffer physical harm or impairment to dignity, and so forth.. ..

weekend plans post: spoiler theory

So I got on the googles and found out that, yes, there was M. As it turns out, the spoiler for this movie is that, tah-dah, it takes place in SAME UNIVERSE AS UNBREAKABLE. ... And it's too bad that Lady in Water and The Happening were so blah ( And how come none of The Village could..

where goes pg&e, then goes dominion?

The company filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and managed to survive, so it may arise again. . ... So … why is Dominion providing so much in campaign contributions to a politician for life who never faces a competitive election and has almost a million dollars on hand? ..

then as now: hands off our religious freedom!

James Madison stated in his first inaugural address, March 4, 1809: “To avoid the slightest interference with the rights of conscience or the function of religion, so wisely exempted from civil jurisdiction.” . ... James Madison wrote to Frederick Beasley, Nov. 20, 1825: “The belief in a God..

and so this is christmas

So the Gregorian Calendar is off by 6 or 4 years — we’re not exactly sure. . ... And as daylight grows even as the next month or so continue in cold, may you experience and share the warmth of love, of God, of Jesus, of Isa, of Allah, the warmth of the Divine at the heart of the..

the law of attraction (debunked)

What's incredible to me is how such idea duped so many people. I should not be surprised by that, since it happens so often, except this idea is not that hard to counter. It's just sad how gullible so many people are... ..

‘multiple players’ complicating syria crisis

United States and Russia could get together and they say, 'Okay, we will negotiate and you have so many players in this war, you have got so many proxies and you have got so many people supporting the proxies that anyone has in sense, anyone of these groups has veto power over any..

the president’s cabinet: then and now

During the energy crisis of the 1970s, Carter felt it necessary to put the national government in charge of energy, so he created the Department of Energy in 1979.   ... We ought to remake the Cabinet so that it adheres to Jefferson’s timeless motto: “That government is best which..

trump to meet with nato heads, then putin

WASHINGTON — With the established on shaky footing, President Donald Trump's weeklong trip to Europe will test already strained bonds with some of United States closest allies, then put him face to face with the leader of the country. ..

uk polling report

There are six places and where there are enough Labour seats to go round, so if MPs co-operate and agree between themselves. ... So, by my reckoning there will be around 15 re-selection battles though remember that these are subject to change. ..

icl match report

Watching cricket with no sound is quite odd experience, I am sure I was not the only one to do so.. ... Naturally I thought it was the cleaner who has been hired so I can watch more ICL, 'came day did you.. ..

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