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One of the main accomplishments of Israeli government's bombing and invasion of Gaza Strip last winter was to inspire new vitality within leftist and peace groups solidarity with Palestinian for justice and liberation. The outbreak of the 2000 intifada sparked awareness on the left of both the..

israel: gaza killings unlawful, calculated

Most of the thousands who participated Gaza stayed tent encampments, due to remain in place until May 15, the anniversary of Nakba, the displacement of Palestinians that accompanied the founding of Israeli state. ... The army published video purporting to show two men firing at Israeli troops on..

why the palmer report deserves no deference

Free Gaza, the human rights organization that initiated the Flotilla and organized all previous attempts to sail to Gaza and is not mentioned in P U report, so intent is it to demonize Turkish participants    and its partners around the globe await such definition. ... The blockade..

israel-qaeda love relationship in syria

My Muslim brothers and Gaza and all over Palestine, with the help of Allah we are with you in the battle, we will direct our strikes against crusader-Jewish coalition wherever we can, said the then- second in command and leader of Takfiri in audio message.. Osama bin Laden, Takfiri at the time,..

palestine: icc should open formal probe

On January 1, 2015, Palestinian government gave the court mandate back to June 13, 2014, to cover Gaza.. During the 2014 hostilities Gaza, Human Rights Watch, documented unlawful attacks by Israeli military and Palestinian armed groups, including war crimes. ..

settlers kill 3 arabs in territories

The violence has increased approaching Monday's scheduled start of Israel's from West Bank of Jericho and Gaza Strip. ... In other incidents yesterday, Jewish in Gaza Strip was wounded by three Arab workers with knives, and shots were fired at Israeli police car near Gaza City,..

israeli apartheid’s democratic champions

Like their counterparts in U.S political system, Republicans, Democrats never hesitated during Gaza to reaffirm their unwavering support for Israel's colonial project.. For example, the College Democrats of America compelled two of its employees, Christopher Woodside and Evan Goldstein, to resign..

whose palestine?

The reason for this recognition was not with Islamist movement's own acquiescence, the government excluded Hamas, was stacked with ministers committed to opposing Hamas's program, and offered Fatah Gaza for the in seven years. ... Upon taking July 2013, Sisi tightened the border controls imposed..

what future for israel?

Palestine Liberation Organization has remained fixed in its demand for territory equivalent to all of West Bank and Gaza in its view, it has already made the concession by recognizing Israel in 1993 and agreeing in 1988 to state on 22 percent of Palestine — than half the amount granted to..

our man in palestine

After Gaza, International Crisis Group, No 68, August 2, 2007, p 11 and comments by Mahmoud Zahar and Fawzi Barhoum David Rose, Gaza Bombshell, Vanity Fair, April 2008  ↩. 29 Ibrahim Barzak, Hamas Kills Gaza Border Clash, Associated Press, May 15, 2007  ↩. 30. ..

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