» army bombards several areas in gaza– imemc news

Israeli army and its Air Force fired, Friday, several missiles and shells into number of areas, east of Gaza city, and east of al-Boreij refugee camp, in Gaza Strip, causing property damage.. ... Furthermore, the soldiers fired two artillery shells into area, east of al-Boreij refugee..

gaza is a children’s prison

Meaning Palestinian Gaza are not the children to be suffering at the hands of Israel's Israel's of apartheid and settler-colonialism oppresses Palestinian across the Occupied Palestinian Territories and beyond.. ... Clearly the oppression of Palestinian at the hands of Israel is not isolated to..

stopping an unwanted war in gaza

In the view of Gaza militants, the rocket fired at Mishmeret reminds Israeli of Hamas's military capacity and removes Israel's ability to choose when to escalate. ... On the anniversary, 30 March, Higher Committee has called for a million-person march in Gaza Strip and across Israel,..

war or uneasy truce in gaza?

Monday statement by Hamas Abdullatif al-Kanoo said he Israelis continue to impose siege on Gaza Strip and practice all kinds of aggression against Palestinians, adding. he Israeli should bear the consequences of its actions against our people Gaza and West Bank and Jerusalem, as well... ..

israel kills palestinians in gaza, west bank

Relatives of Tamer Arafat,  killed by Israeli soldiers during protests Gaza, mourn over his body during his Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, on March. . ... Tamer Khaled Mustafa Arafat, 23, was shot with bullet to the head during demonstrations east of Rafah southernmost Gaza, human..

» army injures twenty palestinians in gaza– imemc news

Army Injures Twenty Palestinians In Gaza 0. Feb 5 23 AM.. Israeli soldiers attacked, Tuesday, the in the northern parts of Gaza Strip, by firing many live rounds, high-velocity gas bombs and rubber-coated steel bullets at the nonviolent protesters, wounding at least twenty Palestinians.. ..

netanyahu's gaza policy: de-escalation without war

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu chose to elaborate on his in the face of Gaza Strip conflict for the time on the day before Israel's municipal elections on Oct, 30.. ... By the rocket barrage from the But by luck, its impact was drowned out Gaza Strip that same Friday and Pittsburgh..

al-manar tv: israel brings drugs into gaza

Gaza Authorities Burn Drugs, Point Finger at Israel. Al-Manar TV report on the in Gaza Strip claimed that the quantities of narcotic pills and bricks of hashish destroyed indicate that the youth of Gaza being targeted from several directions.. ..

israel: gaza killings unlawful, calculated

Most of the thousands who participated Gaza stayed tent encampments, due to remain in place until May 15, the anniversary of Nakba, the displacement of Palestinians that accompanied the founding of Israeli state. ... The army published video purporting to show two men firing at Israeli troops on..

gaza: the murderous melodrama

he or she has to read Palestine Speaks, edited by Mateo Hoke and Cate Malek, collection of documentary interviews with Palestinians living on West Bank or Gaza. ... These were also the in which Israeli settlements were planted Gaza, most of them in Gush Katif enclave to the south, and..

failure in gaza

While the separation of Gaza from West Bank may not serve Israel's interest, it benefits Netanyahu's policy of rejecting solutions that would lead to Palestinian state. ... Instead, Israel prevented the transfer of salaries to 43,000 Hamas officials Gaza, sending message that Israel..

oppose the israeli assault on gaza!

Gaza is expression of the historic failure of Zionist project to overcome its intractable internal contradictions, and of the breakdown of the entire imperialist-imposed state system of Middle East, of. Sixty-six years and 47 years since Six Day War of June 1967 and seizure and occupation of West..

gaza: stop suppressing peaceful protests

In Gaza, youth organizers had called for protests against Palestinian between Hamas and Palestinian Authority, at Gaza City's Unknown Soldier Square on March 15. ... Human Rights Watch previously reported how the security services of both Hamas and Palestinian Authority had..

expert gives perspective on conflict in gaza

From 1997-2000, he was Catholic Relief Services country representative based Jerusalem, overseeing humanitarian projects Gaza and West Bank, and professor at Hebrew University Israel. Hamas, political faction that won in Palestinian elections, and other militants Gaza started shooting the..

israelis kill 12 in gaza strip

In raids involving helicopters and ground forces, the troops attacked around Gaza City and near the town of Khan Yunis. ... Palestinian medics said boy and three others were killed when Israeli tank shell struck Gaza City. ..

the islamic republic of gaza

Palestinian Authority seeking to build independent state in West Bank and Gaza Strip, the bits of former Palestine that were not incorporated into Israel after the war of 1948, there are now two rival authorities with very different aims. ... Back to the original question Were United States and..


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