repatriate the children of the jihad

Marie Dosé, that she has identified 149 French in the camps.. French authorities have facilitated the return of seventeen orphans and abandoned children and have yet to communicate the number of children and mothers in the camps. ... French Ministry of Foreign Affairs hoped..

the pilgrim church: the touchstone archives

From then until the late eighteenth-century—until the French Revolution or the disestablishment of the churches of the Thirteen Colonies that began in Virginia in 1779 and was completed in 1832 in Massachusetts—with rare exceptions Christianity was an established religion, working hand-in-hand..

the berlin wall: a secret history

Privately French elite still found the division of Berlin, and of Germany, perfectly satisfactory. ... Americans decided that they were, on balance, happy to see Germany, and both French and British, atavistic fears reawakened, panicked at the prospect. ..

france reopens contested jewish tomb in east jerusalem

In May 2019, Hekdesh sued French France's Supreme Court, claiming the Tomb of the Kings donation was unlawful and the property should belong to Jewish trust.. French officials have voiced concern that it could become Jewish holy site and foothold for Israeli nationalists to form..

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