french lawyers, doctors, nurses protest pension changes

French lawyers, doctors, nurses, pilots and others are taking to the streets of Paris to protest planned pension changes by French President Emmanuel Macron's government. PARIS — Thousands of French professionals, including lawyers and doctors, took to the streets of Paris..

the global language of hatred is french

It's to avoid such simplistic thinking, and obtain more complete view of the landscape of violence, that we need to better understand French of poison that is indeed threatening to go global.  ... In, in the decades following Algerian war, during the 1960s and 1970s, nobody spoke of Muslims —..

french revolution – coming here?

Author Don Feder wrote in the article “Observations and Fulminations – The French Revolution and Jacobins in Our Streets” (July 13, 2018): “The Reign of Terror wasn’t an episode of the French Revolution, it was the Revolution.” . ... The French Revolution initiated an..

french ligue1, epl stars dominate 2019 afcon

French Ligue and English Premier League have the number of African stars that will feature at African Cup of Nations starting Egypt on Friday... ... French Ligue, followed by English league with 43 players.. Super Eagles of Nigeria have three key players in EPL with two others in the..

do french taxpayers sponsor the ukrainian conflict?

Ironically, Poroshenko honored the memory of French journalists, although neither Merkel Hollande paid any attention to this.. ... Despite the emerging close relations between French president and his Ukrainian, the latter was not invited to the celebration of the anniversary of..

more ahmari-french fighting words

Social conservatives should be most concerned that both French and Ahmari are wrong about what the enemies of freedom believe possible, that the harshest voices in American left wo not be satisfied just driving American values from the oped pages or the universities or the local boards. ..

french colonialism lives on in africa

In recent years, it has been at the centre of increasingly heated debate in Francophone world, helped, in part, by books like L'arme de Françafrique Une CFA, by French Fanny Pigeaud and Senegalese Ndongo Samba Sylla. ... To begin with, French government cajoled BCEAO the central bank..

french hypocrisy toward yemen war

TEHRAN- French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Tuesday reiterated calls for Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to end Yemen that he described as a dirty war... ... But last month Disclose website published findings from French military note that said French weapons were..

reminder: the french state owns notre dame

Reminder: The French State Owns Notre Dame . . . Reminder: The French State Owns Notre Dame Comments for Reminder: The French State Owns Notre Dame Print Reminder: The French State Owns Notre Dame . ... Reminder: The French State Owns Notre Dame . 05/01/2019 Ryan..

the french quagmire – international socialism

French flags, the Marseillaise and “Marianne”—the gendered personification of the French nation—are foreign to the French left and traditionally prevalent on right-wing mobilisations (apart from Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s 2017 presidential election campaign). ... Second, the..

french film festival

Over half a century has passed; yet, Alain Resnais’ para-surrealist masterpiece is as powerful today as when originally released at the height of the French New Wave. ... This castle eventually becomes recognised as an enduring and important French historical monument. . ☆☆☆☆ ☆..

not the french

He does not mean assauts on French Jews and their property.  ani-semitic act occurs when French citizen expresses dismay that Israeli troops have shot down another Palestinian child in the street. . Now that Israel's will has been forced on French people by French..

french muslims and the secular state

With the reforms that entered Europe after Enlightenment, French Revolution, and American Revolution, however, the two sides started to drift apart, less theologically social relations and sexual relations, among others. ... She is not obliged to receive moderation from French teachers..

french inquiry drops le pen summons

French parliamentary inquiry has cancelled the summoning of Marine Le Pen and Marion Maréchal after Le Pen promised to reveal the extent of far-left violence directed towards her.. ... Majority of French Say Le Pen Would Do Better than Macron on Migration https LoqKVmsjgd —..

how french weapons enable egypt’s abuses

In response to the criticism, French government argues that such exports were intended for Egyptian military, not the police. ... o its direct support for the military and police, French government has authorized French companies to sell Egyptian authorities surveillance..

cesare battisti’s french connection - france

I appeal to French president to return to Italy the fugitives that should not be drinking champagne under Eiffel tower, except should be rotting in jail Italy, Italian on Tuesday.. ... By this mindset or simply by objection to, Whether his calls for French President Emmanuel Macron to..

french prisons: incubators of terror

The heart of the problem is that French prisons have been turned into hotbeds of Islam by Salafists. ... To hurry them up is to risk incident, states one guard, One of the problems facing French authorities in combating Islam in prisons is the lack of Muslim clerics to counter..

french protesters 1 macron 0

Responses to French protesters Macron 0 cuckoo #2879160, posted on December 5, 2018 at 1 27 pm. Apparently the protest was all about falling purchasing power and rising taxes — are often coupled with frustrations about the gap between French government and its citizens... ..

french yellow vests: overthrow the government!

Between cuts to social services, tax increases and other austerity measures, the yellow vests testify to the suffocation of French population given stagnant wages and the continual rise of living costs.. ... On Réunion Island, French overseas department, the movement of the yellow..

french riot against “green” policies

By law to carry in their cars as safety measure, The demonstrations are referred to as yellow vest protests because demonstrators wearing the yellow vests that French drivers are required... ... Despite calls for calm from the government, the vest protests have spread to French..

french rise up against fuel tax hikes

The main target of loathing is French President Emmanuel Macron. Protesters were seen wearing images of Macron with the word “diktatur.” . ... The protesters have been characterized as middle-class French citizens, many of whom live outside urban centers and face financial struggles and..

french polynesia president acknowledges nuclear test lies

French Polynesia president acknowledges nuclear test lies. PARIS — French Polynesia's president says leaders France's collectivity of islands in South Pacific lied to the population over the dangers of nuclear testing.. From 1960 to 1996, France carried out almost 200 nuclear tests..

when french identity died

And is that what he means for French which happens to be the language of country that wo not be in EU much longer. ... He could have asked, too, and are irremediably hostile to, French history and French culture, are for those very reasons not likely to attain. ..

how the french face terror

By reworking some of his recent work on the geography of, Who Is Charlie seeks to shock French politics into indictment of the millions across the country. ... Manent is neither on the left nor easily classifiable on the right, Catholic with equal debts to French Raymond Aron and to Leo..

four french citizens are returned by u.s.

PARIS - Four French citizens held without trial for more Cuba, arrived France yesterday and were detained by French authorities under the anti-terrorism laws.. ... in French Le Monde that appeared on the yesterday afternoon said, this will be hard new blow for the credibility of..

french rail workers strike at a crossroads

French Democratic Labor Confederation is pushing the rail workers to end the strike once Senate votes on the reform on June 5 and reconciles its bill with National Assembly on June 13. The attempt of broad sections of French union apparatus to strangle the rail strike underlines the..

political lessons of the french elections

This outcome is devastating exposure of the bankruptcy of all the in French left that broke from Trotskyism. ... Winning the working class, France internationally, to this program is the task of International Committee of Fourth International and its French section, Parti de l'égalité..

the gop debates: from a french perspective

Abortion was legalized 40 years ago, thanks to the work of concentration camp survivor and Simone Veil — in the face of great of sexism, and is now accepted as the quo by majority of French population.. Based on information provided by National Parliaments, Inter-Parliamentary Union found that..

french connection armed saddam

French company, CIS Paris, helped broker the sale of 20 tons of HTPB, controlled export that was shipped from China to Syrian port of Tartus. ... Army intelligence concluded that French had sold the missile to Iraqis within the year, despite French denials.. ..

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