macron vs. warren on social security

French workers rival those in Italy in the lengths they will go to protect the pensions status quo. Widespread protests forced previous French presidents to abandon or water down their plans for reform. ..

center for american progress

Congress changed the name of French fries in the congressional cafeteria to “freedom fries.” ... While Washington has long feared that the European Union would be a vehicle for French domination, especially following French President Charles de Gaulle’s decision to remove..

beware a faltering china

France had postwar boom that fizzled in the 1970s French government then tried to reconstitute its sphere of influence Africa, deploying 14,000 troops in its former colonies and embarking on dozen military interventions there over the next two decades. ..

politics of ceos

We then show that the prevalence of pro- Republican preferences is present in each of the large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap subindices, throughout the period that we examine, in each of Fama French industry sectors, in all four U.S geographical regions, and for both male and CEOs .. ..

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