republics in history

The French Revolution merely substituted for a brief interval a more frightful and convulsive tyranny until it was liquidated by Napoleon, who made the despotism more intelligent and more efficient and, at least, more orderly. ... The only protection against this is to be found in a peculiar defect..

did the left betray israel and zionism?

And one of the things that I was interested in is that all the in my book and they have various politics, from really hard-core communism, like Maxime Rodinson, he was member of French Communist Party for time, very pro-Soviet, to Isaac Deutscher. ..

europe’s dream – acton institute powerblog

The difference between Europhiles and Euroskeptics is that the former have a “European dream” that identifies with the EU, while the latter think that that dream snuffs out their “French dream” or “Italian dream” or whatever it may be. ..

french colonialism lives on in africa

In recent years, it has been at the centre of increasingly heated debate in Francophone world, helped, in part, by books like L'arme de Françafrique Une CFA, by French Fanny Pigeaud and Senegalese Ndongo Samba Sylla. ... To begin with, French government cajoled BCEAO the central bank..

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