what next in europe?

Some, like French National Front types, are frankly anti-American Hungarians, Poles, Slovenians, are far better inclined toward us, and they must be wary of their large and sometimes threatening neighbor to the east and our own fickleness with regard to their needs and independence.. ..

mike pompeo: american jacobin

Given contemporary events, one of the most interesting figures of French period was Jacques-Pierre Brissot, leader of Girondins, the neoconservatives of France.. ... Brissot co-opted the language of French paving the way for Assembly and Louis XVI to embrace war with Austria and Prussia....

the dismemberment of yugoslavia 20 years on

The US did not drop bombs for 78 days and nights on the French who were complicit in that massacre. ... “French investigators were frustrated at Izbica,” reported the New York Times, “when a widely publicized mass grave in which they expected to find about 150 bodies turned out to be..

diary: hate / la haine and the hummingbird

Like in many other societies in the world, the coming to power of the French left through Francois Mitterand's winning the popular vote over Giscard-D'estaing would dissolve the potency of the dreams of leftists. ... It's in this state of affairs the french film La Haine, released in..

jacques vallée

Jacques has published several textbooks about computer networking and has maintained long-term interest in unidentified flying objects, currently serving on the committee of French CNES tasked with studying such reports. ..

anti-semitism rises anew in europe

France reported an increase of 74% in anti-Semitic acts in a single year, with 541 incidents reported in 2018, including widely viewed videotaped insults shouted at the French Jewish intellectual Alain Finkielkraut during one of the yellow vest protests. ..

a law that's unjust is not 'the law'

I had majored in political science and French literature during my undergraduate studies at Duke University, even studying at the Universite d'Aix-Marseille for a semester during my junior year. That summer I would return to France to research and later write an honors thesis about the..

french hypocrisy toward yemen war

TEHRAN- French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Tuesday reiterated calls for Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to end Yemen that he described as a dirty war... ... But last month Disclose website published findings from French military note that said French weapons were..

alarm sounded in the eu

French far-right National Rally party leader Marine Le Pen, May 26, 2019.REUTERS/Charles Platiau . ... “The French people have this evening inflicted a clear sanction as well as a lesson in humility on the French president, who chose to bring all of his authority to the..


The local sources further noted that using poisonous gases has been levied on Belgian, French and Moroccan terrorists, that they have been commissioned to distribute chlorine gas among terrorists Northeastern Lattakia, Southern Idlib and Northern Hama.. ..

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