cardinal sarah: god never abandons his church

“Today everything is dark, difficult, but whatever the difficulties we are going through, there is only one person who can come to our rescue,” Sarah said in a lengthy interview with the secular French weekly Valeurs actuelles. . ... The cardinal, originally from Guinea, has written a new book..

muslims against antisemitism

Pictured The February 19, 2019 rally Paris. score= 9.85914 > On February 19, 2019, thousands, including French President Emmanuel Macron and other politicians, gathered Paris to protest the sharp rise of France. ... Similarly, in gesture like that of French imams, at the start of Ramadan..

althusser’s theory of ideology

By the mass uprising of workers and students in, On Reproduction of Capitalism is late work of Althusser's, inspired1968.2 Committed to his in French Communist Party, Althusser accepted its conservative response to the movement and refused to support the strikes or demonstrations. ..


In news meeting Bucharest Thursday, German, British and French foreign ministers announced the commissioning of European special mechanism known as INSTEX.        .. ..

hadj-ali abelkader: a muslim communist in the 1920s

One of his main charges against French imperialism was the way it had weakened Islam through school closures, the introduction of other religions, and the encouragement of alcohol.57 As Messali Hadj noted, The time he had spent France and his in Communist Party had not in any way detracted from his..

february 1, 2019

Despite the hour, Dutch, French and British supporters showed up Les Sables-d'Olonne, France, to applaud his efforts to pass race Jean-Luc Van Den Heede as the two battled each other in Atlantic Ocean. ... There were also issues with Van Den Heede's Ham license, and I had French..

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