how the first world war inspired the eu

In the years after 1946, having been placed in charge of France's by President de Gaulle, Monnet watched the efforts being made to set up Council of Europe, the national veto. He put in the hands of France's, Robert Schumann, proposal for ' European Coal and Steel Community plan..

war, empire, and racism in the anthropocene – mondoweiss

Since then, far-right parties have made continued electoral gains across Europe Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Poland and Hungary they are now just short of third of seats in European Parliament  —  and they are rapidly consolidating elsewhere, in Philippines, Brazil, India, Myanmar and..


It came as part of Tehran’s countermeasures in response to Washington’s departure from the deal last May as well as the failure of the remaining signatories — France, Germany, the UK, Russia and China — to meet their obligations under the agreement. . ..

france: the real emmanuel macron

He then added that American of France had ended during his presidency, when he had decided to leave NATO and ask United States to close American military bases on French territory.. ... Since 1945, no French leader has ever breathed word of gratitude to United States for its contribution to the..

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