six states have now passed $15 minimum wage laws

Maryland has become the third state this year, to enact wage increase to $15 hour — sign of the increased traction that the policy is getting around the country, at least among Democratic-leaning states.. ... Earlier this month, bill that would raise the wage to $15 by 2024 cleared committee on..

where do the democratic candidates stand?

assessment of the stated plans and policies of some of Democratic presidential candidates will illuminate their failure to grasp what's happening, the bankruptcy of Democratic establishment and why now that his collusion Russia-gate is off Trump might be reelected. ***. ... ..

tibet marks 60th anniversary of democratic reform

convention is held to celebrate the anniversary of the campaign of democratic reform Tibet at Potala Palace square Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, March 28, 2019.. ... People Tibet supported the democratic reform, Phutsering, said at the gala.. ..


TEHRAN - Large groups of people Eastern Deir Ezzur held another protest against US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, while new round of infighting has started among SDF forces after rifts widened among the militias, ... ..

who wants to move to canada?

National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933, FDR's first effort to woo unions into Democratic fold, is perhaps best remembered for its Section guarantee of workers rights to organize unions. ... But degree of declared autonomy within Democratic coalition, combined with labor relations..

trump's russia investigation repeats

As we have written, indictments handed down in February 2018 against 13 Russians and three Russian organizations for interfering in U.S. elections show their efforts clearly sought to support Trump over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential general election. . .....

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