harriet blows away democratic racial myths

higher percentage of Republicans voted for Civil Rights Act than Democrats The improvement of black lives under Trump and free market economy is no mirage except portent of things to come that has Democratic Party running scared.. ... image of her carrying gun is not likely to grace the new $20..

trump, israel and the democratic crack-up

To this end, for instance, Democratic in Senate has used procedural rules to slow-roll Trump's appointments to senior positions in the branch and impede his ability to govern.. ... Ukraine call ploy began August when CIA officer with ties to former Vice President and Democratic Joe Biden..

europe's populist wave reaches portugal

A Portuguese populist party called Chega! — Enough! — has secured a seat in Parliament, after winning more than 65,000 votes in legislative elections held on October 6. ... Ventura has called on Portuguese citizens and media commentators to remain calm: 'Chega is a democratic party. ..

democratic forces must unite: sunil thapa

Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Democratic General Secretary Sunil Bahadur Thapa has observed that the government is aspiring to become in the absence of broad democratic alliance.. ... Further, indicating Nepali Congress, Thapa called on the party to start the initiative for broad..

augustine of hippo, christian democrat

Authoritarians routinely argue that people are too dumb and untrustworthy to rule themselves; the democrat replies that the autocrat is also a person and is not exempt from the general rule of stupidity and wickedness. ... “The indeterminate creativity of history validates the idea of a free or..

can the democratic party govern america?

Yet Democratic Party, to be the champion of minorities and low-income families, is pushing to legalize upwards of 22 to million unskilled illegal immigrants. The Left and Democratic Party are now native born or naturalized Hispanics, and the low-income white working families. ..

the death of democrat leadership

I ask myself, how far to the left are Democratic presidential candidates going to take their party. ... Last week Democratic candidates set out to beat Donald Trump, and the truth be known, they spent all their time beating each other. ..

alexis de tocqueville on “democratic” socialism

Even the noble democratic desire to improve the plight of the disadvantaged can threaten liberty given the tendency to believe the state and public subsidies are the solution.. ... He recommends. most especially in the present democratic times, that the true friends of the liberty and..

democratic party dilemmas

The latest failure on the part of Democratic leadership to hold progressive line came with a bill that provided $4.5 billion in money for facilities housing immigrants on the nation's southern border, especially for children separated from their parents under Trump's draconian anti-immigrant..

socialism: democratic party style

Warren and other pro-capitalist progressives, Democrats who really would fit into what Paul Wellstone, years ago, called the democratic wing of Democratic Party get all muddle headed and ahistorical when the question of socialism arises.. ..

let’s move cuba towards democratic socialism

A government agenda that reflects the proposal for democratic socialism should stem from a much-needed change: remove Lenin from the equation. . ... So, please, don’t confuse democratic socialism with the chaos in Venezuela, Cuba’s totalitarian government and the USSR’s history. ..

democratic socialism newspeak

Democratic Bernie Sanders unveiled his vision of democratic socialism during a recent speech at George Washington University.  Unfortunately, he did more to confuse the meaning of democratic socialism than to clarify it. . ..

moldova's democratic party government resigns

Earlier on June, RFE RL that march by ACUM supporters scheduled for June 16 was not protest except show of support of democratic processes, in support of the recently elected government. ... By the democratically elected parliament, State Department said Washington welcomes Democratic..

a defense of democratic populism

A Defense of Democratic Populism . In his most recent book, Revolutionary Constitutions, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science Bruce Ackerman ‘67 argues that the indiscriminate condemnation of “populism” is a big mistake. ... According to Ackerman, each stage presents formidable..

taiwan’s ‘democratic progressive ...

But more than 30 years later, for the struggle surrounding the presidential primaries, they can shunt aside the principle of democratic progress, and the power holders can just throw away the democratic values and think that because they control the party's organs of power such as the. ..

history – democratic labour party

Democratic Labour Party began in 1955 and was part of Australian Labor Party before that date. ... In 1957 it became Australian Democratic Labor Party, then Democratic Labor Party of Australia, and in 2013 it became Democratic Labour Party.  . ..

democratic leaders fail california

It did not matter that we had lined up majority — all that counted was that Democratic Senate and Assembly leadership did not see reinstating Renter's credit as priority. ... After the I feel we need to build monument to Burton as the only top Democratic Sacramento in the century. ..

toward a democratic hedonism

A commitment to democratic hedonism requires access to publicly funded comprehensive sexuality education. ... A politics of democratic hedonism is not a facile celebration of more people getting off more of the time. ..

democratic contenders of 2020

U.S 2020 Democratic Julian Castro is introduced to speak to Tri-City Young Democrats Somersworth, New Hampshire, U.S., January 15, 2019... ... Democratic Andrew Yang hoists supporter's sign California, U.S., April 22, 2019... ..

democratic (party) socialism

Democratic (Party) Socialism . By . admin . Mar 30, 2019: 5:07 am . . . ... No sooner had last November’s midterm election concluded than the next round in the electoral circus, focused on choosing the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in 2020, got underway.  ..

where do the democratic candidates stand?

assessment of the stated plans and policies of some of Democratic presidential candidates will illuminate their failure to grasp what's happening, the bankruptcy of Democratic establishment and why now that his collusion Russia-gate is off Trump might be reelected. ***. ... ..

» democratic hopefuls reject aipac– imemc news

The advocacy group MoveOn is calling on all candidates for Democratic nomination to boycott AIPAC conference, D.C this weekend. ... few days ago, that American Jews are no longer voting for Democratic Party or are no longer supporting them, moving their support to Republicans and to. ..

democrats need to be more democratic

Nationwide, about 40 of Democratic support is from non-whites, very close to the overall of United States where only 61 cent of the population is white — figure that is declining.. ... In fact, not until Nevada, is there in state which is among the top in reflecting Democratic Party..

beyond anti-democratic temptation

Such disenchantment does not create a very favorable climate for the establishment of lasting democratic institutions. ... Let there be no mistake: the EU’s role in fostering civic, democratic, and liberal values among the new members has been key. ..

the truth about democratic socialism

But the official statement of Democratic Socialists of America, of which she is member, said nothing about the regime's arrest of dissidents and killing of protesters or about the suffering and starvation of Venezuelan people, evasively describing the situation there as complex.. ..

making myanmar’s constitution democratic

He pointed out that it contains provisions that contradict one another and prevent the establishment of a democratic federal union and a genuine multi-party democratic system. ... The NLD says this is against democratic principles, but does not seek to remove it. ..

the democrat socialist party of dhimmis

I titled this article The Democrat Socialist Party of Dhimmis and with very few exceptions the once respected Democrat Party has fallen into both socialism and dhimmitude, with the arch dhimmi, Nancy Pelosi allowing anti-Semitic extremist and hijab wearing, Ilhan Omar, Democrat..

one democratic state in historic palestine

By supposition the disregard for the, The conditioning of the resolution on the future revolution is justified Palestinian movement, and the negation of revolution and democratic tasks as condition for the revolution. The realization of in the region cannot be abstracted from or counterposed to..

unasur: a mandate for “democratic intervention”

Moreover, UNASUR resolutions are, in practice, unequivocal external mandate for democratic intervention.. These resolutions had immediate consequence in the form of the agreement negotiated on September 16, 2008, between the government and representatives of National Democratic Council. ..

democratic republic of congo

President Tshisekedi struck deal with former President Kabila's coalition on govt formation and took steps to open political space, as senatorial elections sparked protests and violence persisted east and centre. ..

populist revolt against climate change

President Emanuel Macron’s agreement to scrap the gas tax due to take effect in January marks the first round in the populist revolt against European elites on the issue of climate change. ... Given the stakes, populist protests against the costs of fighting climate change are almost..

media urge audiences to vote democrat

Media urge audiences to vote Democrat . by Eddie Scarry .  | November 01, 2018 02:09 PM . . . . . . . . ... Increasingly left-wing socialist candidates, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are being nominated in Democratic primaries to replace standard liberal Democrats because of demographic..

democratic-controlled house

Democratic-Controlled House . . . A Bridge to Sell You . . . Yes, Unvetted Illegal Caravans Threaten Public Health . ... Would you want the kind of car you own to be decided through a democratic process? ..

why do jewish americans vote democrat?

The interview was in cheek  attempt at answering Iowa's Republican Representative Steve King's  question of why most American Jews vote Democrat   Mr. ... It was also the catalyst that turned the majority of Jewish Americans back to Democratic party and their support for..

democratic autopsy: one year later

Yet many Democratic leaders seem oblivious to the threat of armed conflict with Russia — peril understood by Democratic presidents during the height of Cold War.  ... In March, Bernie Sanders, Democrat Chris Murphy, and Republican Mike Lee forced vote on their Senate..

democratic and republican government

At Aristotle's time, most Greek city-states were polarized between democratic and oligarchic parties, as Thucydides emphasizes throughout his History of Peloponnesian War. ... American of Democratic Party, somewhat different emerged during New Deal after the catastrophe of Great..

foreign policy for a democratic president

And he committed United States to the difficult and vital task of supporting more open and democratic societies in Middle East.. But with few exceptions, the democratic activists, politicians, journalists, and intellectuals in Muslim world, met President Bush's with skepticism, even..

should libertarians vote democrat?

It's the case for the Democrat that has created much discussion and not small amount of controversy reality, blog post on Daily Kos on slow news in early June 2006.. ... In the in this year's Montana Senate race, ad by Republican Senator Conrad Burns against his Democratic Jon Tester..

connecticut holds clues for democratic party

Joe Lieberman in Aug Connecticut Democratic from anti- Iraq War Ned Lamont is the drama gripping the entire party. One night last week, the establishment, led by former President Bill Clinton and Connecticut's other Democratic, Chris Dodd, of enthusiasm for the incumbent. ..

democratic town committee polarized

``Does Democratic party want to go back to the past or are we ready for the future.. ... ``The other faction thinks they can run people for Democratic party who supported Republican candidates and that's what Democrats have to decide March, said John Bairos. ..

jepsen elected state democratic party leader

Jepsen had PR problem later, Democratic Party chairman.. Jepsen, 48, lost his bid to be governor last month, and his efforts to reassure skittish supporters within his own party paid off Wednesday night when he was elected chairman by Democratic State Central Committee... ... Jepsen..

another fracture in state democratic ranks

By this latest outbreak of hostilities, One high-ranking state Democrat, acknowledging that ``everybody is upset, speculated that Marcus and top party officials will work out compromise to avoid the indignity Connecticut delegation failing to be credentialed and seated at Los Angeles convention.. ..

a democrat looks at foreign policy

We were right to support the establishment of the state of Israel, whose democratic stamina and military effectiveness have withstood the hard tests of outside challenge and aggression. ... Doubtless a Congressional opposition such as the Democratic majority forms today is not wholly..

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