democratic socialism and political power

The folly of this conflation could be seen when Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was unable to answer the question of where the money needed to implement program of increased social spending might come from. ... Within the distribution of power, the most likely fate of..

now it is time for kurd-held manbij: turkey

Kurdish forces, mainly Democratic Union Party, also known as PYD, and its military wing YPG, liberated Syrian of Manbij from Daesh last year. ... He stressed that he had on multiple occasions called on the US to halt its support to Kurdish forces Syria, especially Syrian Democratic..

china: democratic voice liu xiaobo dies in custody

“The Chinese government’s arrogance, cruelty, and callousness are shocking – but Liu’s struggle for a rights-respecting, democratic China will live on.” . ... The Chinese government’s arrogance, cruelty, and callousness are shocking – but Liu’s struggle for a rights-respecting,..

religion and the 2016 presidential candidates

About two-thirds of religiously unaffiliated Democrats who are registered to vote say Sanders would be good or President 46% of Democratic Catholics and 43% of Democratic Protestants agree. By contrast, the view that Clinton would make good or president is more common among..

the national black political convention

The Watergate in Nixon White House had raised the possibility of Democratic in Congressional election, and Black officials, looking to boost their own standing inside the party, urged Black activists to work for Democratic candidates. To middle-class Black Democratic officials,..

swing voters and elastic states

So does West Virginia, why Barack Obama is very unpopular there and why Joe Manchin III, also Democrat and conservative one, was elected to Senate in 2010.. ... In these cases, Democratic base, Republican base and the number of swing voters are all close to the national average.. ..

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