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According the agenda projected for Wednesday and Thursday, President of Cuba's Councils of State and Ministers will meet with China's head of state Xi Jinping Prime Minister Li Keqiang and the presidents of both People's National Assembly and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Li..

an act of political realism

Mattis does not mention Syria or Afghanistan his letter of resignation, except he makes clear his disagreement with the general direction of Trump's in not confronting Russia and China and ignoring traditional allies and alliances.. ..


Yet, trade deficits are back, with the deficit with China unprecedented in the annals of history. ... “China wants to write the rules” in Asia. No, while Asian countries are imitating China’s model of trampling trade rules; they are threatened, not entranced, by their..

year in review – south asia:

China is not Mexico and will not agree with list of demands from U.S in this trade war, on Twitter, saying China will hit back to the end if U.S persists with its trade war.. The partnership between China and Pakistan has grown stronger this year, courtesy China's..

where did language come from?

(China’s global trade advances are explained in “Brave New World (Made in China),” an article in our latest Trumpet magazine.) . ... At the event, Guttenberg criticized Europe’s response to China’s progress in Africa. ..

china hacks america—and ‘none goes to battle’

The prospect of the expansion of EU and the perceived weakening of U.S global influence, is driving China and its Asian neighbors to position themselves as the great bloc. Russia, China and Japan will combine Asian alliances, with the ultimate intention of forcing U.S out of Russian..

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