are the us and china on the brink of a cold war?

According to former Australian prime minister and China Kevin Rudd, the US and China are at the beginning of war, war and technology war.. ... The US has launched campaign of condemnation of China's behavior and of warning others of China's intentions in general, and..

is china interfering in american politics?

Accordingly, China has long pursued wide-ranging and very campaign to influence the political and environment of other countries, including United States. He called for China to innovate propaganda methods, and strengthen language that is understood and accepted by foreign publics,..

reclaiming armistice day: a day to perpetuate peace

Since his leaving office, the United States maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad; spends $716 billion on Defense, more than the next seven nations combined including Russia, China, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia; has become the world’s largest..


The US president called it a  privilege  for trading partners, like China and European Union, to do business with the US, accusing them of staging an  attack  on the  piggy bank... ... China wants to talk, very badly, noting that and I said, frankly, it's too early to talk. ..

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