u.s. indifference to life in venezuela

Yes, it is true that U.S. officials are portraying this particular regime-change operation as one of sympathy for the Venezuelan people, who have long suffered economically under the socialist policies of Venezuelan President Maduro as well as his predecessor Hugo Chavez. . ..


“Our late commander, Hugo Chávez made great efforts and restored the historical bonds of our people,” he said, when asked what measures were put into practice in terms of increasing cultural awareness for fighting colonization and preventing the deception caused by US propaganda. . ... He..

the united lies of the global ruling class

Since he succeeded the leftist strongman Hugo Chávez in 2013, his mismanagement, cronyism and corruption, exacerbated by the drop in the price of oil, Venezuela’s dominant source of revenue, have brought the country to ruin. … The Trump administration is right to support Mr. ..

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