no war for venezuela.

Starting in 2001, Chavez government pushed series of reforms, each of. ... To further consolidate power, Venezuelan state held order to keep Chavez, Nicolas Maduro power. ..

leo chavez

The theme of the children of immigrants was the subject of Chavez's most recent book Anchor Babies and the Challenge of Birthright Citizenship. Chavez most recent research project was developed Belinda Campos extended his interest in the effect of political rhetoric, such on the health..

the war on venezuela

Travelling with Hugo Chavez, I soon understood the threat of Venezuela. ...  In eight years, Chavez won eight elections and referendums world record. ..

did socialism fail in venezuela?

The media almost never represented the majority of Venezuelans and the struggles they faced--either during Chávez's reign or now when they bear the brunt of the economic and social crisis.. ... Hugo Chávez joins in mass rally Caracas Eventually, as Chávez in World Social..

trump venezuela coup will end badly for us

As El Salvador, in the larger, more sophisticated and more resource-rich Venezuela, I see the organization named for the great and now Hugo Chavez, evolving into political party and, poetry, will be offspring of Hugo Chavez. In 2007, I was on Hugo Chavez's Alo Presidente radio..

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I just found out that Teodoro Petkoff, Communist Venezuela turned socialist and brave opponent of the regimes of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, died October at the age of 86. ... The year he published book contrasting the kind of Left he believed in with what he considered the reactionary,..

nieto-chavez v. sessions

Citing this stop-time rule, BIA determined that the notice handed to Nieto-Chavez in jail ended his period of continued presence, rendering him ineligible for relief.. ... For these reasons, we DENY the petition for review with regard to BIA's that Nieto-Chavez is ineligible for..

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Chavez used National Assembly to end independence and pack Supreme Court with cronies. ... Indeed, Chavez's María Gabriela Chávez, is now the richest woman Venezuela with fortune of $4.2 billion. ..

bolivarianism and bonapartism

Indeed, Chávez and his Nicolás Maduro were in 2013, Maduro Administration added Chávez's signature to museum-exhibited copy of Declaration of Independence.. ... In short, for all the rhetoric of 1st socialism, like that of Chávez, Maduro's regime is unaccountable to the..

latin america

Jeffrey R Webber looks at the myths and the realities of Hugo  Chávez's impact on Venezuela, and considers the ahead. The death of Hugo Chávez is fundamental test for Boliviarian Revolution, writes Uruguayan Daniel Chavez. ..

ortega in delicate balancing act

After Nagarote, Chavez and Ortega laid the first brick for billion oil refinery billed as Nicaragua's largest project ever.. U.S officials expected Chavez to wield influence here, and they see Ortega's closer ties to Iran. ..


CARACAS, VENEZUELA Chavez U.S detained my Venezuela's minister was detained by U.S authorities at New York airport for more President Hugo Chavez said. ... Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told Venezuela's state TV that U.S officials alleged that Maduro had links to coup that..

venezuela: chávez allies pack supreme court

But May, President Chávez signed law that allowed his governing in the legislature to obtain majority of seats on the highest court. ... Chávez supporters have justified the effort largely such as highly decision that absolved military officers. ..


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