eu sanctions iranian intelligence agency

For almost no one understands what the gospel of Jesus Christ is, or where and how in prophecy the United States and British Commonwealth are identified.” . ... Today, the British garment has been studied more closely. It has been taken out of the closet and shaken a little—and its..

rosa luxemburg’s revolutionary socialism

Distinctive to Luxemburg’s contribution is her anthropological sensitivity to the impact of capitalist expansion on the rich variety of the world’s peoples and cultures: the destruction of the English peasants and artisans; the destruction of the Indians or Native American peoples; the enslavement of..

a new war rages in myanmar

On January 4, Myanmar’s Independence Day from British colonial rule, the Arakan Army staged one of their most brazen and belligerent attacks after several weeks of expanded ambushes and engagements with Myanmar security forces. . . ..

the future of freedom foundation

Six counties Ulster, in the corner of Ireland, were still part of United Kingdom, Loyalist state partitioned from the rest of the in 1920 in act of chicanery designed to protect Protestant and pro- British majority. ... The troops arrived Derry just Bogsiders show every evidence of in the arrival..

russia-china cooperation grows stronger

British Army recruitment ads . MoD/Crown Copyright/PA . . Britain’s Army Needs ‘Compassionate Snowflakes’ . . . ... Stating that the British Army needs compassionate snowflakes—focused phone-zombies—confident selfie-addicts. . . ..

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