the british film festival

British Katharine Gun is secret service employee who receives memo from NSA with shocking The United States is enlisting Britain's help in collecting compromising information on UN Security Council members to blackmail them into voting in favour of invading Iraq. ... Newly appointed Blair finds..

british opposition parties discuss pm johnson's brexit

LONDON - British opposition parties will discuss on Friday how to respond to Boris Johnson's bid to call election, after the minister would rather die in ditch than delay Oct 31 departure from European Union... ... British lawmakers will on Monday hold another vote on motion on whether to..

british fort in upstate new york explored

British Fort Upstate New York Explored... GLEN FALLS, NEW YORK — Excavations at Rogers Island in Hudson River have turned up range of items dating to and even earlier, from. The dig is part of long-term project led by David Starbuck of Plymouth State University that is investigating the island..

iranian fm justifies seizure of british oil tanker

Iranian FM Javad Zarif We Are Responsible for Security in Persian Gulf Seizing British Oil Tanker Was Merely Enforcement of Regulations We Chose Not to Ignore Britain's Piracy Our Courts Must Examine Issue. ... He explained that Iran sometimes turns blind eye to certain violations and crimes, and..

iran should sell its oil: british ambassador

Iran should sell its oil: British ambassador . . July 27, 2019 . . TEHRAN - British Ambassador to Tehran Robert Macaire has said that Iran should sell its oil and Britain supports legitimate trade of Iran’s oil. . ... Former British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said that the..

referendums: a greek-british affair

In contrast, we have the departure of British Prime Minister Theresa May and the possibility of Boris Johnson leading Brexit government.. ... He probably never thought British people would vote to leave EU, and the issue remains as today as when PM was in office.. ..

new alert in crete over missing british woman

According to the silver alert that was issued, the year old British woman, on the day of disappearance was wearing light beach dress, hat, flip flops, sunglasses, and light-colored bag.. ... The silver alert message was issued at the request of British Subcommittee, while the life is..

british activist advocates destruction of israel

British Gerry Downing, said in June 24, 2019 episode of Kalima Horra, on pro-Hizbullah Mayadeen TV hosted by former British MP George Galloway, that his organization supports the destruction of State of Israel because it's racist and genocidal endeavor that cannot be reformed. ..

british coup

August 1, 2019 Catherine Pepinster, the former editor-in-chief of British Catholic weekly,  The Tablet, that British Foreign Office may have played in the 2013 election that resulted Pope Francis election. ... Pepinster recounts in her book how British government, through the..

british pm suspends parliament - jurist - news

On Wednesday British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended Parliament with permission from Queen Elizabeth II, putting the body into recess until less than three weeks before October 31 Brexit deadline.. ... with the extended recess Parliament will be session for two-and-a-half weeks prior to..

the rise and fall of british democracy

Arthur Scargill, of National Union of Mineworkers, retaliated with promise to win back for British people the democracy they have been denied over the 40 years... ... In bolting on to parliamentary system elements of presidential and plebiscitary regime, we have cut the artery of..

the british army: guns for hire?

So how do British people transition from that belief to using picture of the leader of Britain's largest political party for target practice. ... But the truth is that British forces have not been used to protect Britain since Second World War. ..

brexit through the lens of british history

Since sea levels rose and split British Isles from Europe about 8,000 years ago, British people have faced recurring set of questions over their identity and sovereignty the same issues that led majority of Britons to vote for withdrawing U.K.' ... Looking at the end of Roman Britain or..

former british gurkhas threaten protests

Gurkhas have been demanding that besides providing them with pay and pension equal to those offered to British soldiers, British government should compensate the entire amount that former and serving Gurkhas did not receive over the years due to discrimination against them in terms of pay,..

british mps rule out new eu referendum

British government wants the three-month delay to MPs to vote for time next week on May's Brexit deal, already rejected twice by overwhelming margins.. ... Media reports say British Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay and Attorney General Geoffrey Cox have been holding private meetings..

british mps confronting jew-hatred

British MPs Confronting Jew-Hatred . Feb 26, 2019  |  by . . After years of rising anti-Semitism, British MPs are leaving the Labour political party. . ... 'built into the bones' . biased, racist attitude of too many 'Old-school Brits'. . ..

on shamima begum and british citizenship

By the government creates problematic issues for what, I do not want to get lost in discussing what it's she did that led Home Office to strip her of British I want instead to focus on why I think that move British citizenship is for every British citizen, whatever their race,..

presstv-british fm likens eu to soviet union

PressTV-British FM likens EU to Soviet Union. British Foreign Jeremy Hunt has likened European Union to Soviet Union London's struggle to exit the bloc.. ... European Union has said that parts of British Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to exit EU are unacceptable as many..

new thinking for the british economy

Since the majority of British government bonds are held by the Bank of England, or long-term investors like pension funds and insurance companies, it does not take very much buying in the bond market to force up the price of the bonds. ..

why the british chose brexit

British people ignored the advice of the leaders of all their major political parties and of virtually all experts. George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, told voters that leaving would wreck British economy. ..

history student wins prize for british studies essay

Colby Ellis Florida State University history and student has won Undergraduate Essay Prize from North American Conference on British Studies.. ... The award will be announced at the annual meeting of NACBS, which is scholarly society dedicated to all aspects of the study of British..

british cabal under fire – american free press

On June, the secretive gathering became the focus of intense debate in UK Parliament when Parliament Michael Meacher demanded that top officials Prime Minister David Cameron's administration explain their involvement with Bilderberg to British people.. ... Jeers and boisterous remarks, typical of..

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