the eurasian concept

British geographer Sir Halford Mackinder drew the attention to the fact as early as 1904,that Europe and Asia beingone would be the future ‘pivot of history’. . ..

self-appointed warders of religion

Laws enacted by the British Raj in 1860, made it a crime to disturb a religious assembly, trespass on burial grounds, insult religious beliefs or intentionally destroy or defile a place or an object of worship, punishable by up to 10 years in jail. ..


Lest we forget, the US and British governments have already admitted that they are training the Saudi Air Force despite global accusations and condemnations that they are carrying out atrocities in Yemen. ... Worse still, British and American forces are helping the Saudi Air Force in order..

no, corbyn is not heir to the peterloo heroes

Despite the repression after Peterloo, British proletariat was soon back at the forefront of the battle for democracy demonstrating, rioting and forcing the establishment to pass three reform acts in the century, each one extending the vote to wider group of property-owning men, before suffrage was..

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