joe biden for president

And UnPresidented podcast is all about Biden, where he stands on the issues, and how Biden's candidacy affects Bernie Sanders and Democrats in the primary race.. ... PS you can donate to Biden here.. ..

joe biden and the flawed violence against women act,

But it's worth reviewing the ugly parts of this legislation, as Biden launches his bid to be the most powerful man in the country. ... In interview for her book, The First Civil Right How Liberals Built Prison America, Naomi Murakawa discussed how Biden used the idea of protecting women..

two cheers for william weld

In 2008, Biden failed to gain any traction in the primary, and Obama did choose him as running mate, bringing international experience from his time leading Senate Foreign Relations Committee, something the senator from Illinois lacked. Thomas was accused by Anita Hill of sexual harassment, and..

joe biden finally announces

All those concerns amid questions about his conduct toward women, are challenges for Biden's candidacy, even if many polls is atop the large measure because he is so well-known... ... The poll showing him beating Trump means Biden has except won the primaries, considering the huge sweep..

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