joe biden vs the field

Morning Consult released their batch of polling, and Elizabeth Warren's move to 3rd or 4th depending on poll, and Joe Biden having unsteady few week, the numbers reveal..not much has changed... ... Speaking at AARP Iowa, Biden drew contrast between his plan, and the. ..

biden on the 1994 crime bill

Biden, asked if the stipulation could be 10 years or more so that we do not end up sweeping into our net people that federal judge would be required to put in jail for life the brawler. By decade of time or more, Biden also suggested limiting the provision to crimes punishable, on Feb..

joe biden: protector of the deep state

During the late 1970s early 1980s, Biden sat on Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. ... In the 2009 debate over the surge Afghanistan, Biden wanted troop increase and more air strikes and drone attacks the approach favored by CIA. ..

a question for joe biden

Joe Biden says he has nothing to atone for over his opposition to school busing in the 1970s. ... There are distinctions between the two race-based programs, so Biden should not be stumped by the question. ..

joe biden out of stonewall

This very public visit, on the anniversary of Stonewall riots, seems meant to shore up Biden's liberal bonafides and follows the recent for the brutality executed that night.. ... In 2012, Joe Biden, began to rebrand as  an ally of LGBT community. ..

joe biden for president

And UnPresidented podcast is all about Biden, where he stands on the issues, and how Biden's candidacy affects Bernie Sanders and Democrats in the primary race.. ... PS you can donate to Biden here.. ..

joe biden and the flawed violence against women act,

But it's worth reviewing the ugly parts of this legislation, as Biden launches his bid to be the most powerful man in the country. ... In interview for her book, The First Civil Right How Liberals Built Prison America, Naomi Murakawa discussed how Biden used the idea of protecting women..

joe biden finally announces

All those concerns amid questions about his conduct toward women, are challenges for Biden's candidacy, even if many polls is atop the large measure because he is so well-known... ... The poll showing him beating Trump means Biden has except won the primaries, considering the huge sweep..

biden, bernie, and the bomb

except forget all that Joe Biden touched someone's shoulders. attitude about hugging and touching others is often the result of culture.  VP Biden is from Scranton, Pennsylvania.  That is the heart of coal country. ..

the other reason biden shouldn’t run

During the summer of 2002, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, under Biden, had the opportunity to hear from any number of academics, former foreign service officials, United Nations personnel, and others specializing Iraq. ... But Biden had no intention of doing so, refusing to even..

[letter from washington] no joe!

Instead, we read much about Biden's shepherding of Hernández regime, along with its Central American neighbors El Salvador and Guatemala, into the Alliance for Prosperity, in. ... Given Biden's all too evident shortcomings in the fields of domestic and policy, defenders retreat to the..

trump is mocking biden

Biden mentioned these words in controversial interview. Polls conducted in United States indicate that Biden is more popular than other potential candidates of Democratic Party in the upcoming elections.. ...  Hence, the success of Biden's candidates in states like Iowa and..

biden confirms us warship will visit new zealand

During his visit to New Zealand, US Vice President Joe Biden accepted invitation for US Navy to send warship to the anniversary celebrations of NZ Navy November. ... Biden's two-day stop New Zealand followed four-day visit to Australia, where he underscored US- Australian military..


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