anti-government protests : is this iraq's arab spring?

Arab Spring in Iraq . While the protests in southern Iraq in summer 2018 addressed similar issues, this time they are becoming increasingly militant and are not only calling for the resignation of the current government but aim to overthrow and change the entire political system. . . . . ..

syrian arab fighters backed by turkey kill two kurdish

Turkish-backed Syrian Arab fighters killed at least two Kurdish prisoners on Saturday, one of them lying on the ground with his hands bound behind his back, in illustration of the forces unleashed by President Trump's decision to pull back American troops shielding former Kurdish allies Syria.. ..

iran condemns as "baseless" arab quartet's claims

TEHRAN - The Iranian ministry deplored as baseless the claims raised about the country's in recent meeting of Arab quartet committee.. Arab committee, comprised of Saudi Arabia, the United  Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, issued anti- Iran statement after its 12th meeting..

the eu courts the arab league

The first summit between European Union and Arab League, known took place on February 24-25. ... Nor did those priorities include the reference to all the problems with which Europe is struggling -- migration from Arab, terrorism and extremism imported from Arab world. ..

the arab world's silent reproductive revolution

Most Arab families want to have two to three children at most, said Marcia Inhorn, the author of 2018 study from Yale University that explained the unprecedented decline fertility rates in Arab world.. ... the attitudinal changes in Arab world have had greater affect on..

ips programme for the arab countries

German Bundestag invites motivated graduates from Arab region to take part in scholarship programme Berlin September 2019.. ... The scholarship programme is aimed at highly-motivated, capable and talented young individuals from Arab region. ..

to our arab citizens -

Dear Arab citizens of Israel (or “Israeli Arabs” or “Palestinian citizens of Israel,” if you must): . ... There is one and only one Jewish state in the world, compared to 23 Arab states. ..

will israel's arab outreach backfire?

HaTikva, Jewish yearning for Zion, was just one in series of taboo-busting public appearances by Israeli officials Gulf Arab states that have thrust the once-secret back channels of outreach into public view... ... While it's positive to Oman's seemingly sincere acceptance of Israel, it's..

secret no more: israel's outreach to gulf arab states

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — It was scene unthinkable just weeks ago Israeli Cabinet minister, tears of joy filling her eyes, singing country's at in the heart of Arab world. ... DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — It was scene unthinkable just weeks ago Israeli Cabinet minister,..

the united arab emirates in the horn of africa

 The rivalries underpinning June 2017 Gulf Cooperation Council crisis particularly between United Arab Emirates on the one hand and Qatar and, by extension, Turkey on the other have spilled into Horn of Africa, notably fanning Somalia. ... In particular, African Union, United Nations, the body..

arab league suspends syria over killings

Arab League warned of political and economic sanctions, urged Arab states to withdraw their envoys from Damascus, and called on Syrian forces to reject orders to fire on the protesters revolting against President Bashar Assad's authoritarian rule... ... This decision kicked Iran out of..

external powers targeting arab unity: assad

By targeting their identity and igniting strife among them, Syrian President Bashar al- Assad meets with delegation from Tunisia Damascus on August 7, 2017 Syrian President Bashar al- Assad says foreign powers have attempted to divide Arab nations. .. ..

surf arab states

Syrian National Coalition, the opposition group to Bashar Assad's regime, took Syria's seat at Arab League meeting Qatar. ... Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN and Arab League to Syria, told UN Security Council that the country is being destroyed bit by bit.. ..

11 arab nations accuse iran of sponsoring terrorism

., the 11 countries, in letter to United Nations General Assembly circulated Monday, noted that Iran is constantly interfering in the internal affairs of Arab nations, sparking tension and in the region, reports Associated Press ... ... The letter was penned by representatives of the United..

multiple blasts hit iraq ahead of arab summit

BEIRUT -- series of explosions and shootings struck Tuesday across Iraq, leaving scores dead and injured week before Arab summit Baghdad aimed at showcasing the stability after U.S military withdrawal.. ... Conventional Baghdad seemed to indicate that the attacks were timed conjunction with next..

syrian regime asks for arab summit

BEIRUT -- Syria's embattled regime called for Arab summit by West and by its neighbors, over its bloody crackdown against eight-month uprising.. ... You Arab leaders are the tails of Obama, read banner held at huge pro-regime rally Damascus accusing Arab League of bowing to..

israel: new laws marginalize palestinian arab citizens

In the case that led to that ruling, village rejected Arab- Israeli couple. ... In 2010, several rabbis in Galilee, campaigned for Jewish Israelis not to rent apartments or sell land to Arab- Israelis and Knesset gave preliminary to inquiry into alleged purchases of Israeli land by..

saudi arabia says iran hurts arab cause

CAIRO, EGYPT — Saudi Arabia accused Iran Sunday of seeking to impose alien ideologies on fellow Moslem nations in Arab to the detriment of Arab against Israel.. ... Fahd, Saudi monarch, ing Sunday about Iran's intentions at summit meeting Riyadh of Arab Persian Gulf states..

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