most americans say jews face bias, poll finds

Amid modern politics, Pew Research Center reported Monday that majority of Americans now say Jews are discriminated against, and not to the extent of perceived bias against other minority groups... ... Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Somali- American Muslim, found at the epicenter of..

young americans embracing socialism

United States President Donald Trump endorsed Israeli over Golan Heights, breaking with decades of American precedent, whereby the territory that Israel won from Syria in Six-Day War was occupied by Israel, pending settlement to be agreed upon by the two nations.. ... The deployment of..

will americans finally get universal child care?

As Taryn Morrissey, professor of administration and policy at American University, wrote in 2018, the programs for poor and low-income families are both underfunded and difficult to navigate. only 40 percent of 4-year-olds from poor families attend Head Start only 4 percent of infants and toddlers..

senator elizabeth warren backs reparations for black

Senator Elizabeth Warren, supports the government issuing reparations to black Americans who were affected by slavery, on Thursday... ... Previous Democratic Party leaders have declined to support reparations for African- Americans, including former President Barack Obama and Hillary..

jewish americans reject trump’s theatrics

In his State of Union address, US President Trump recognized Jewish American war veterans, Holocaust survivors, and heroic police officer wounded during Tree of Life synagogue shooting. ... We will continue to honor those Jewish Americans and others at State of Union deserving of praise..

why many americans are praying for trump

Christian leaders contributed prayers to book titled, Prayers for the President. https bit ly 2MJupR5 Why are so many Americans feeling urgent need to pray for our president and country.. ... Americans realize Trump is the only wall between We the People and leftists anti-Christian,..

native americans in the civil war

Written out of the memory ignored by scholars, the vital, ultimately tragic, role played by Native Americans during Civil War is central concern of Lause's new work,  Race and Radicalism in Union Army.. ... Free from the institutional structures and federal military strategy that prioritized..

native americans take power

Native Americans have been U.S citizens for less explains University of Utah Daniel McCool Native Vote American Indians, Voting Rights Act and the Right to Vote.. Americans have stepped up to expand and protect voting rights, with the civil-rights marches of the 1960s and Voting..

balangiga and cebu’s war against the americans

Americans were stunned embarrassed by this incident, which they considered at that time to be their worst defeat since Little Bighorn in 1876 when American Indians stormed US Cavalry led by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and killed 268 of the soldiers.. But for Filipinos, the..

what young americans should know about america

A nonprofit organization called the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (flag), is “dedicated to educating Americans about the values and principles that make our nation exceptional.” ... The survey shows that younger Americans—specifically those from ages 14 to 37:..

russian media reacts to americans visiting minsk

Sutyrin's piece fails to acknowledge that Mitchell noted the importance of Belarus- Russia ties in his remarks while Minsk, or the fact that the US base Poland is still merely idea, with some Americans opposed to it. The first of these claims that Lukashenka has begun to distance from Russia and..

trumps foreign policy war on americans

Beyond any reasonable doubt, substance if not in, Donald Trump is thoroughly American politician. ... But some fantasists fell for them, and they refuse to let go of their tissue-thin hope that this execrable man will liquidate American empire. ..

pity latin americans (and us too)

Like the left-wing and Latin America, American right-wingers and left-wingers fighting for the power and largess that come with the welfare-national-security-state way of life that exists in both Latin America and United States.. ..

us americans are not the only americans

 author of numerous books including Ghosts Within: Journeying Through PTSD (Forthcoming, Spring 2019, Roseway Publishing), How I Became an American Socialist (Misfit Books, 2016), Capitalism: A Structural Genocide (Zed Books, 2012); The FARC: The Longest Insurgency (Zed Books, 2011,  Beyond..

categorizing americans' religious typology groups

The new typology sorts Americans into seven groups based on the religious and spiritual beliefs they share, how actively they practice their faith, the value they place on their religion, and the other sources of meaning and fulfillment in their lives.. ... By the shared conviction that organized..

americans’ faith in god may be eroding

Pew Research Center surveys are not the only ones that have found long-term decline in the overall share of Americans. For example, 86% of Americans said in Gallup poll they believed God or universal spirit, down from 96% in 1994 and the lowest figure since Gallup first asked the in..

americans can't even agree on what's factual

support for the war began to wither among Americans who questioned Bush's leadership and later became Kerry supporters.. Loyalty and Bush's continued in time of war when Americans were fighting and dying was more important to these voters than the strength of the arguments that got us..

the truth about mexican-americans

Many Mexican- Americans can trace their heritage to ancestors who inhabited what is now US Southwest during the years when Mexico, defeated war, ceded lands extending from Texas to California and as north as Utah. ... The wife of Felix Longoria, Mexican- American private killed in..

a portrait of jewish americans

the number of Americans with direct Jewish ancestry or upbringing who consider themselves Jewish, themselves as atheist, agnostic or having no particular religion, appears to be rising and is now about 0.5% of U.S adult population.1. ... Pew Research Center received advice on the survey..

how americans view government

The mood and trust are both up from the mid-1990s, and still just 20% of Americans are highly satisfied with the state of the nation only 34% trust the government.. ... Pew's research provides insight into why trust government and views of the nation have paralleled each other, both failing to..

obama to immigrants: americans suck!

Each year, Americans to million new Americans, and the country also takes in roughly million new migrants from far-distant countries, cultures and groups. But those American-born Americans are, seemingly, disappointment to Obama.. ..

10 forgotten americans who made history

He served under Marquis de Lafayette, the commander of French forces allied with American Continental Army. ... Despite his America's founding and the fact that he's the only person to sign all four documents from American Revolution, Roger Sherman is forgotten today.. ..

10 iconic americans who aren't american

Best known Henry Kissinger played American policy as early as the 1950s, when he acted as consultant to Department of State and National Security Council's Operations Coordinating Board. ... Blue jeans have long been part of American wardrobe, and the man. By selling supplies to the..

nonprofit profile: americans for tax reform

Americans for Tax Reform's 990 filing with Internal Revenue Service for 2010 listed $8.2 in expenses on advertising and promotion and names five advertisers as contractors.. Founder Grover Norquist sits on the board of number of prominent right-wing organizations including National Rifle..

sticks and stones: americans behaving badly

It seems that there is smidgen of awareness of American Commons and the welfare starting to stir and manifest in the psyche, thank the gods.. ... Pre- Nazi Germany springs to mind and when the government was targeted by American Right as Enemy Numero Uno of the people. ..

helicopter crashes kill 14 americans

The crashes involved three choppers, two of which collided in midair in the south of the country and third that went down in the wake of Afghanistan's west, according to NATO force and American officials. ... Word of the helicopter crashes came as military officials disclosed the deaths of two..

americans won't face trials

France, Germany, Belgium and Sweden offered the stiffest resistance to any form of exemption for American citizens from the jurisdiction, .. ... The administration fears that, with the creation of permanent court, Americans participating in peacekeeping operations or overseas military..

americans grapple with a new civil war

lot of deep thinkers believe that Americans have come loose from their moral underpinnings, and that our basic institutions - government, neighborhoods, civic associations, schools, and, most important, our families - are coming apart as result.. Well, large part, they get it from listening to..

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