asalh recognizes 400 years of perseverance

Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham; Director of the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund of the National Trust for Historic Preservation Brent Leggs; Spencer Crew, professor of US History at George Mason University; ASALH 400th Commemorative Chair and professor at John Jay College Gloria..

on china, the us public stands apart

if another military incident involving US and Chinese forces occurs, if Xi Jinping's of human rights becomes even more blatant, or if China's worldwide economic initiatives and cyber hacking become too aggressive, perceptions could turn very negative. ..

part 2: press freedom, sanctions and oil

'Former rapporteur Alfred de Zayas, has criticized the US for engaging in economic warfare against Venezuela. ... In 2007, Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of US Board of Governors of Federal Reserve, wrote in his memoir 'I am saddened that it's inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone..

is the longest us war finally ending?

The US for Afghanistan, that the must call for intra- Afghan between Taliban and US-backed Afghan government, and ceasefire. Certainly, Afghans need the withdrawal of the thousands of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, and in the war between Taliban and US-backed..

how will brexit crisis affect china-uk economic ties?

Trump considers that the economic size of EU can be used to protect European countries from submitting to US economic and geopolitical demands. While Britain would become weaker the more it separated from EU, it would not make it friendlier with China on the contrary, it would make Britain more..

» anti-bds bill passes us senate– imemc news

Critics decried the measure which in US jurisprudence has provided protection for people participating in boycotts as form of political protest, according to PNN... ... US judges Kansas and Arizona struck down such laws in 2018... This is about Americans civil liberties, Shibley..


Brigadier-General Amin Hatit told Arabic-language service of Russian Sputnik news agency that one of the main reasons for reinstating some of the US troops al-Tanf military base was to help US-backed militants in the region.. He noted that the US had realized that in case of..

are the us and other democracies in trouble?

new report from UK-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research, and most likely also in the US, has established clear link between antisemitism and hostility towards Israel, finding that the strongest holders of antisemitic views tend to support boycotts of Israel or consider it apartheid state... ..

rep. gabbard: 'assad is not the enemy of the united

The -- the evidence that -- my skepticism in the past has been solely on saying, show us the evidence before you deploy U.S. troops into military action because I served in Iraq and I understood what that cost came [with] when the American people were lied to and presented false evidence where we..

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