time for a new liberation?

Especially in Poland and Hungary, the ruling parties also play off the sense of historic injustice, arguing that what happened in 1989 was not a true revolution. ... Thirty years on, we can see that, far from being the new normal, what happened in Europe in 1989 was a..

iraq and the media: a critical timeline

And it’s just my own guess that were we to enter Baghdad, when the time comes to do so, it will be exactly a repeat of what had happened in Kabul when the Americans came into Afghanistan and were greeted by kites and music and boom boxes, and people were glad to be rid of the Taliban. . . ..

transforming the culture of power

She was afraid to come forward, but after several months, she finally mustered the courage to complain about what had happened. ... Furthermore, people with disabilities that affect their ability to communicate verbally or to accurately describe what happened may face..

the october 31 pogroms

., Strange, of all days October 31, I just happened to watch Fiddler on the roof, and the ending was about Pogoms, sadness, and what dispair, diaspora upon diaspora. ..

what happened to the dream of global justice?

Conceptually, it was argument that the principle of in the tradition of Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill transcends borders, since national borders divide the sites of pleasure and pain that human beings host and that make them ethically relevant. ..

how central banks fund our age of endless war

Rothbard's books The History of Money and Banking The Colonial Era Through World War II, The Case Against Fed, The Mystery of Banking, and What Has Government Done to Our Money provide the logical case and the empirical evidence for this view, and I refer you to those sources for additional details.. ..

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