look at yemen

Indeed Yemen has received and accepted close to Somali refugees since the 1990s, allowing them to work and in the country, as Yemen is the only country in Arabian Peninsula to recognise UN Refugee Convention. ... ossible ill-treatment Yemen has resulted in changed strategies for..

the vote to end the us war on yemen

Directing the removal of United States Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen that have not been authorized by Congress.. ... So we should be encouraged that Walter Jones legacy is being honored in House vote to end the US in Yemen war. ..

crisis group yemen update #4

By increasing their control over the main banks, Huthis take issue with Sanaa-based banks cooperating with the government of Yemen-run Central Bank of Yemen Aden over access to Saudi-funded import credit facility, and hope to extract preferential exchange rates currency transactions.. .....


He expressed the hope that the UN to Yemen could take effective steps to implement Hudaydeh.. ... Saudi Arabia and some of its allies, including United Arab Emirates, Sudan, and Morocco, launched war against Yemen March 2015 in attempt to reinstall Yemen's former Abd Rabbuh..

prospects for yemen in 2019 and beyond

Composed of in Hodeida governorate, the withdrawal of both parties military forces to agreed positions and supervision by the UN of port management, the agreement also includes the payment of port revenues to Hodeida Branch of the Central Bank of Yemen and their use for the payment of salaries.. ..

yemen and the war powers act

By offering support for the war through arms sales and military assistance, Quiet Support for Saudis Entangles US Yemen, highlighting that Obama administration needed to placate Saudis to complete the nuclear with Iran,.. ... Congress, journalists and the public need to keep pressure on..

public pressure could halt us support of yemen war

And late last year, team of US Green Berets secretly arrived at the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia to help in the war.. ... But if S 3652 gains traction, it would go long way toward ending US military assistance to Saudi Arabia Yemen, providing accountability for Saudi atrocities..

yemen: the us has blood on its hands

But rather as Saudi Arabia and the US might have done in the past, they sought to manage the revolt, and direct the transition to post- Saleh Yemen. Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, under the auspices of Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council and the UN, was imposed on Yemen.. ..

pompeo vows no end to war in yemen

On October, Pompeo statement on Yemen call on all parties to support UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths in finding solution to Yemen based on the agreed references, adding.. ... Yemen and other theaters would be wound down and resolved.. ..

the senate's yemen vote is a historic first

AMYGOODMAN Wednesday's vote came including two former US ambassadors to Yemen, signed letter urging Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer to end America's in Saudi-led on Yemen, saying it would spell the likely end to the broader conflict... Saudi-led Yemen has created what..

senate challenges trump on yemen war

If passed by Senate, the resolution to end US Yemen's war would be victory for Sanders and peace activists on Capitol Hill. ... resolution to end US support for Saudi Yemen may have trouble passing Republican-held House before the end of the year, and House Democratic majority is..

saudi war crimes in yemen

On November 26, Human Rights Watch said it filed submission with Argentine prosecutor, violations of law committed during Yemen for. ... His attendance at G20 summit Buenos Aires could make Argentine courts avenue of redress for victims of abuses unable to seek Yemen or Saudi Arabia... ..

the dying children of yemen

Saleh al-Faqeh held the wasted arm of his baby girl as she took her last breath on Thursday at the ward of the main Yemen's, Sanaa.. ... These eleven Yemen represent 80% of the country's under-18 population, and disease, displacement and acute lack of access to basic social services.. ..

why no global outcry over saudi war in yemen?

His murderer has the blood of thousands of Yemenis on his hands and he is responsible for the starvation of millions of people Yemen. ... The patronage of world powers like United States and United Kingdom has ensured that Saudi rulers escape culpability for their war crimes Yemen. ..

counting the real costs of the war on yemen

Counting Real Costs of the War on Yemen.. By nearly four years of war, The database gives indication of the scope of the disaster wreaked Yemen. ... The governments responsible for destroying Yemen have no interest in accurate accounting of the true costs of the war, and our..

america is not an innocent bystander in yemen

 Given the scale of human suffering Yemen, U.S in supporting Saudis and their partners, Emiratis, has become controversial.. ... instability on Arabian Peninsula stemming from Saudi loss Yemen would be significant for United States, especially as Trump administration signals tougher..

the midterms and the war on yemen

The in control of House may have the greatest impact on U.S support for the war on Yemen. ... House Democrats are not going to be able to stop or reverse all of Trump's policy decisions, except on Yemen they have opportunity to force real changes U.S policy.. ..

the economic war on yemen

The coalition's targeting of Yemen's and distribution has been known for some time, in American paper.. ... For that reason, ing on Yemen's humanitarian crisis, and this latest article The New York Times should draw more attention to the plight of Yemen's people because of the..

u.s. facilitates saudi war crimes in yemen

On August 28, Group of Eminent International and Regional Experts on Yemen, appointed by UN Human Rights Council,  documented the likely commission of war crimes by parties to Yemen. ... By planes being refueled by the, Please tell that to the people of Yemen, dropped U.S..

there is no ‘proxy war’ in yemen

More significantly, other there has been no substantive evidence of Iranian military intervention or that of affiliated parties Yemen. ... The war waged Yemen by Saudi Arabia and its allies and their wanton use of US and UK-supplied arms is everything short of invasion. ..

there is no proxy war in yemen

More significantly, other there has been no substantive evidence of Iranian military intervention or that of affiliated parties Yemen. ... The war waged Yemen by Saudi Arabia and its allies and their wanton use of US and UK-supplied arms is everything short of invasion. ..

how we can end the saudis’ war in yemen

Sadly, disgust at the news and images coming out of Yemen has not yet translated into widespread disgust at Western backing of Saudis war —. ... While Republicans like Flake are more one Republican who does appear to have shifted on Saudi Yemen is Indiana's Todd Young. ..

troops fire on protesters in yemen

SANAA, Yemen -- Military forces and police snipers opened fire Monday on marchers calling for the ouster of Yemen's embattled president, killing at least 15 people and sending message of defiance to U.S and European envoys seeking to broker peace deal after months of bloodshed.. ... In..

the siege of hodeidah, washington’s war crime in yemen

The siege of Yemen's Red Sea port of Hodeidah launched by Saudi and United Arab Emirates-led forces at dawn on Wednesday could cost the lives of some quarter of million people in the city, while threatening to kill millions more across the country through hunger and disease.. ... The reality,..


Campaign by UAE-backed Yemeni forces to strangle Huthi-held Hodeida city slowed, as UN envoy pursued confidence-building measures to improve conditions ahead of possible new talks Nov fighting could escalate Nov around Hodeida and on other frontlines. ..

new talks on the war in yemen?

there will be no chance of Yemen, .. The arose from their rebellion against government proposals to decentralise in the country, depriving many areas of proper sharing in oil revenues, the country's earner. Now, cholera and starvation impacting millions, we suddenly no longer feel burning..

navy seal killed in al-qaeda raid in yemen

Three senior leaders from Yemen-based al- Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula, considered one of the most dangerous components of the terrorist group, were among the terrorists killed during January 28 raid Yemen's Bayda province, .. ... AQAP continues to target U.S and allied interests..

al-qaeda quadruples presence in yemen in 2015

Yemen-based AQAP, long considered by United States government to be the most and branch of al- Qaeda, benefited from the ongoing and security chaos Yemen, growing in strength and expanding the territory it controls.. ... AQAP's emergence is the most striking unintended consequence of..

cia targets yemen al-qaida

President Barack Obama authorized the expansion of Yemen said official who is briefed on intelligence matters.. ... The Associated Press has reported that U.S is building CIA air base in Persian Gulf region to target terrorists Yemen.. ..

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