young people are having less sex

Gary Wilson, an Oregon man who runs a website called Your Brain on Porn, makes a similar claim. In a popular tedx talk, which features animal copulation as well as many (human) brain scans, Wilson argues that masturbating to internet porn is addictive, causes structural changes in the brain,..

beltway baloney on “speaking truth to power”

Valerie Plame’s career as a covert CIA operative was torpedoed by leaks by Bush administration officials in retaliation against her husband, ambassador Joseph Wilson, who publicly criticized Bush’s falsehoods on the Iraqi regime’s pursuit of nuclear weapons material. . ..

samantha wilson

Author Archives: Samantha Wilson . . . By November 13, 2018 . . Students in Ohio State’s medical program have a reputation for devoting their time to studying. ..

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Pope Francis has decided to accept the legitimacy of seven Catholic bishops appointed by Chinese, concession that Holy See hopes will lead Beijing to recognize the authority according to familiar with the plan.. ..

racial politics

monuments associated with Confederacy have been the primary targets, these attacks have often extended outside South and even former presidents such as Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and William McKinley have sometimes become targets, along with the author of Star-Spangled..

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