the hitlers in our own country

Black activists represented themselves as embodying the ideals of American democracy and their white supremacist opponents as betraying the aims for which the US had fought the Second World War. ... The parallels black people drew between Nazism and American white..

the inescapable anti-americanism

American Empire is not the country of America considered not Rationalist or ideologically-inspired Empire.. White Nationalism, the left insists that there is straight, short, line stretching from the slave traders and masters of the 18th and 19th centuries to the average white..

unc english & comparative literature

American Library Association Outstanding Reference Source, 1997, for The Oxford Companion to African American Literature. Special Topics courses on African American autobiography, early African fiction, and the depiction of in black and white American literature... ..

the lethal antisemitism of “cultural marxism”

The Tree of Life synagogue shooter targeted the Jews of Pittsburgh last fall because he believed that billionaire Jewish financier George Soros, and Jewish people in general, were working to bring immigrants into the United States to destroy the white American way of life. ... Support for..

on reparations: part ii

While she was on the faculty of Harvard (and for most of her adult life) Elizabeth Warren listed herself as a native American. Yet a DNA test revealed that she had no more Indian blood than any other average white American. ..

maternal mental health, ethnicity and culture

The ethnicity or nationality of participants included Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, South Asian, Asian, Mixed Asian British, Pathan, Black, Black African, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Black Caribbean, Portuguese, White American, and White Australian. ..

what anti-semitism is—and what it is not

As Ben Daniel implores, we need to understand the privileges and powers granted to white American Jews not and as symptom of whiteness, white supremacy, and the ability of many white American Jews to align themselves with both American anti-blackness, and..

white nationalism. white supremacy. white power

That choice not to draw moral line sends clear signal to people of color around the in the body of Christ as to what is political breaker for white American Christians and what is not.. By the white evangelical leaders who support, And the bargain for madeDonald Trump must..

white nationalism is now a global terror threat

Every people in the world can have their own country except white people, American Freedom Party's William Daniel Johnson told Chicago Sun Times after New Zealand attack.. In Europe, white violence appears to have been triggered by the sudden increase, in 2015, of refugees..

the hatred from the left

American white male lives in American past, is ignorant of world history and revolution and glorifies his ownership like some cartoon cowboy and does not know what to do with his guns. ..

incarcerated women and girls

In 2016, the imprisonment rate for African American women was twice the rate of imprisonment for white women .3 ) Carson, E.A.. ... The rate of imprisonment for African American women has been declining since 2000, while the rate of imprisonment for white and Hispanic..

the making of white people

By side for the abolition of slavery, She does not mention Bacon's rebellion, however, when, as Allen writes, the armed working class, black and white, fought side, missing event that is essential for understanding the advent of slavery and the genesis of American white Black..

iran confirms arrest of us national

Months ago, American, Michael White, was arrested Iran's Mashhad city, and Iran informed American of the detention through U.S interest section Tehran, ers.. ... White, 46, American Navy from California, has been imprisoned Iran according to western media.. ..

white jews’: a new american leftist

And you’ll notice that “white supremacy” is often lumped in as well, until the word “Jew” in some American circles will be synonymous with “white supremacy.” . ... ‘White Jews’: A New American Leftist Antisemitism, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2..

a class war the right can win

But Buckley is right that the defects of our present education system go long way toward explaining the rise of the new status class, and other countries have found answers to the questions that perplex American politics — or some of them at least. There is not much room for white..

misogyny and the american dream

This misogyny, however, is not endemic solely to Trump's regime except is instead the product of definition of white American masculinity that has been in shaping American notions of empire and in impacting gender relations in the country.. For men like Andrew Jackson and Theodore..

male trouble

Christian Picciolini Christian Picciolini with crew of neo-Nazi skinheads, Marietta, Georgia, 1990 In his autobiography White American Youth, Christian Picciolini offers illustration of the path to Kimmel describes. ..


The White American Protestants, Junior Order United American Mechanics, Greater Iowa Association, Puritan Daughters of America, all stalked the nation, targeting Japanese California, radicals in Northwest, Mormons Utah, Catholics on Long Island, N.Y., immigrants in Northeast, Jews in..

coyote blog » race

It's not that White American ca not understand China- that is nonsense, there are American journalists and scholars here that are experts in this field that Jason Koebler or Vice could have contacted to verify what I was telling them, I begged them to. ... Tim Kaine once had three..

u.s.-born imam denounces 'whiteness'

Imam Webb said that he feels awkward talking about justice as white, blue-eyed, blonde-haired American male, and that his contribution to justice is to denounce whiteness and to disinvest from the dominant ethos and pathos of whiteness.. ..

power sources

When race, gender and nationality are considered together, white American men dominated the evening news, making up 62 percent of all sources, sources white American, Middle Eastern men, black American and Northern European men .. ..


Trump ...

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