conservative bloc in court likely affected

President Clinton may not make choice for the vacancy except he is in position to turn the court distinctly away from the always present prospect of 5-4 conservative rulings, and thus prevent the completion of the conservative revolution sought by Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush... ..


Tell me, what does it mean oppression and police terror that Black folks in this country are subjected to and becomes unhinged when Black man decides to demonstrate opposition to it. ..

high court to hear health law

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court said Monday it will hear challenge to the health care overhaul act passed in 2010, with decision on President Barack Obama's most controversial achievement likely to come in the summer of his re-election campaign.. ..

bush hits the campaign trail

By pledging to oppose marriage, SELLERSBURG, Ind — At his first campaign rally this election season, President Bush on Saturday galvanized supporters in school gym, Republican candidates have revived in the wake of New Jersey court ruling favor of gay couples... ..


Supreme Court against White House plans for military tribunals, Senate and House passed legislation last week for interrogations and trials of terrorism suspects. ..

drug kingpin's appeals denied

By lawyers for convicted murderer, WASHINGTON — The White House and Supreme Court on Monday denied last-minute pleas Juan Raul Garza, clearing the way for his execution this morning at the federal death Terre Haute, Ind.. ..


United States ...

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