shattering europe?

Trump has yet to host Orban at the White House, but the prime minister’s top officials have met with Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. . ... It’s easy enough to take all of this as just the White House’s ongoing version of Saturday Night Live. ..

the voters democrats need to win over

After the essay went viral, I expanded it into book, White Working Class Overcoming Class Cluelessness America.. All told, I've spent good of the past two years talking with progressives about the relationship between elite white people and the white working class ( I use the..

all pro-trump white women are ‘racist,’ benefit from

On Friday's CNN Tonight, Don Lemon hosted discussion of why most white women voted for Donald Trump that was stacked three to one against conservatives.. Liberal Kirsten Powers argued that such women must be racist because they voted for Trump, while UC Berkeley Professor Stephanie Jones-Rogers..

center for american progress

In the midterm elections, the proportion of women of color running both for Congress and for state legislatures increased by 75 percent, while the share of white women running for Congress increased 36 percent, houses went up 14 percent.. ..

russia infiltrates latin america

Of course, fierce criticism of the white, apartheid-era rulers from which the anc took control in 1994 has been widely publicized. ... Some believe that he will do little to change the reforms made under Mbeki’s rulership simply because of his accountability to the nation’s influential..


CNN: White House Threatening to Again Pull Acosta Press Credentials . TEHRAN (FNA)- The White House is threatening to again pull CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's press credentials after a court-ordered temporary restoration expires at the end of the month. . . . . ..

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