us anti-china rage

China alone economic threat to Western neoliberal model, and it's this existential threat that is the target of the trade and currency wars today... ... China's rise at the expense of American values, Western democracy, and security ... ..

china refutes us criticism over xinjiang at un

Chinese to United Nations Zhang Jun on Tuesday told U.S and other Western countries to stop interfering China's domestic affairs, after they accused China of mistreating people of Uygur ethnic group Xinjiang... ... U.S and other Western countries should stop meddling with..

india: the next apartheid state?

Indeed India's of Kashmir and opening of the flood gates to settlement fits the model of apartheid as practiced by Israel in West Bank and China Tibet or its western province of Xinjiang. ... The U.S and its Western partners cry foul China's proposed Belt and Road..

chinese moving into the caribbean

Senator Cory Gardner told Washington Examiner, China's goal is to displace United States, and they can do that by wreaking in Western Hemisphere... ... Gardner warned, China becomes intertwined with our Western Hemisphere nations, the more likely it's they can surveil,..

so just how wto-complaint is that?

Xi noted that New Zealand was Western developed country­ to sign free-trade with Beijing and talked about Wellington's China's Belt and Road conference later this month.. During the past 47 years of diplomatic ties, China- New Zealand relations have made historic strides have..

the future of sino-european relations

On the one hand, China was keen to build stronger with Western world, and European companies too began to discover unprecedented opportunities in Chinese market.. ... Several other European countries such as the ones participating in the 16+1 format also China as partner and are..

how the west got china wrong

According to author and China Gordon Chang, Western toward China underestimated the hostility, the belligerence, the relentlessness, the will to power of China's Communist Party. .. ... Western toward China underestimated the hostility, the belligerence, the..

online appearance campaign

The electrification of Tehran- Mashhad line will reduce commute time between the two cities from 12 hours to about 6 hours, linking Tehran with Iran's second-largest city, Mashhad, in the east near its border with Turkmenistan and completing just under third of the proposed bri line required to link Tehran..

what to do about the rebirth of socialism

For with the passing of the socialist, Kristol went on, there is removed from the horizon the one to capitalism that was rooted in Judeo- Christian and in Western civilization. China decided that to get rich is glorious, Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact states collapsed into squabbling..

cost analysis

Policymakers did see conflict between the atheism of Soviet Union and Christian values of United States and Western world.. U.S.- China relationship is the geopolitical story of the century. ..

a clinton memo that killed

But once Obama administration decided favor of intervention, the conflict was internationalized as thousands of holy warriors flooded in from as far away as western China.. ..

china: a new philosophy of economics

On the domestic and international front, Belt and Road Initiative the New Silk Road is China's President Xi's phenomenal geo-economic initiative to connect the world from China with several transport routes and develop in first step Western China, Eastern Russia, Central Asia and..

china's charter 08

hundred years have passed the anniversary of the appearance of Democracy Wall Beijing, and the tenth of China's signing of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The shock of Western impact upon China in the century laid bare authoritarian system and marked the..

the cambodia daily

The United States House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a bill that will deny U.S. entry to Chinese officials who prohibit American citizens from entering western China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, following heavy lobbying by Tibetan-Americans and Tibet supporters for members of..

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