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In this context Washington aims to Chinese growth in the fear that China will become in its region, thus becoming threat to American in Western Hemisphere. ..

we've learned nothing from the cold war

After all, Western intelligence services, Kremlinologists, and American establishment had always assumed that Cold War would go on forever — unless the absolute malevolence of Soviet Communism led to the mayhem of Armageddon. ... Because part of that city, Communist East Germany, was..


Literally scores and scores of American military operations, undergird this global regime and thus undergird American and Western and U.N values system... Long told that the United States is the world's., American people have been denied choice and have almost stopped..


They must insist on the inviolability and universality of human rights, and call for an immediate change in Western-American policy toward Palestine. ..

understanding the red menace

PAUL JAY So, for American or Western audience, that word, communism, has- less and less now, the further we get away from the cold war- and still, the idea of communism, socialism, particularly communism, it means police state.. ..

american wwi soldiers depended on foreign weapons

Since August 1914, the war between Central and Entente Powers had devolved into stalemate, particularly on Western Front. American forces had to learn to fight with these new technologies, even as they brought millions of men to bolster British and French armies.  . ..

attorneys for the american legion turn t

The memorial was built in cross shape to recall the grave markers standing over American graves on Western Front of that war.. Michael Carvin, lead counsel for The American Legion, partner at Jones Day and First Liberty network attorney, said, We hope Supreme Court will reverse..

‘russia winning public opinion on syria’

United States and West have mastered the use of flag events order to change public perception in their favor and so all that needs to be done at this point is for American or Western military asset to be attacked with loss of lives such as what we saw took place just month or so ago with..

syrian army liberates areas from daesh

Logistically, all kinds of supports to ISIS, whether it's human resources, money, and selling their oil, and so on, passes through Turkey, cooperation with Saudis and Qataris, and of course with American and Western overlooking of what's going on.. ..

in print: "crashing the party"

In recent years, American and Western European policymakers and business leaders have been forced to confront gender imbalances within prestigious and well-paid fields, including medicine, science, and engineering. ..

middle east transparent

Deepa Kumar's book, Islamophobia and Politics of Empire,9 suggests one answer to this question what stands in the way is the fact that Islamists today are opponents of West, that is, of Western, really American, imperialism — bases Saudi Arabia, Iraq wars, Libyan intervention, support..

assaults show afghan intel weaknesses

Ambassador Ryan Crocker and American of Western forces Afghanistan, Gen. American officials Afghanistan declined to comment on Karzai's criticism, and one military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said tracking the movement of insurgent fighters and weapons into the..

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