presstv-bahrain to host us-led confab against iran

Iranian threats to the security of in Persian Gulf, months after Washington hosted forum against Islamic Republic Warsaw, Poland.. ... Hook said Bahrain conference is expected to draw officials from the 60-plus nations that participated in Warsaw summit, and the invitations have not been..

#stopacta2 events

Komisja Europejska Polsce, Jasna 14 16a, 00-041 Warsaw, Poland. Fântâna de Universitate, Piața 21 Decembrie 1989, București 030167, România. ... Przedstawicielstwo Komisji Europejskiej, Jasna, Warszawa, Polska 14 00 o'clock...     ..

what if they started a war

The humiliation of United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Warsaw last week was good thing. ... Pompeo was Warsaw for a summit arranged by US State Department with Polish government to discuss with representatives of sixty nations what to do about the in Middle East. ..

three main messages of the warsaw summit

The third and most message of Warsaw Summit is the rise of the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran. One of the main reasons for the failure of Warsaw Summit is the confusion of White House leaders in the face of our country's influential and undeniable power.. ..

» foreign ministry: warsaw conference is an american

The statement said, that State of Palestine will not deal with any outcome from this conference, or any other similar meetings planned by the US administration, and will act as if Warsaw conference had never taken place... The US Administration keeps talking and bragging about preparation of..


The US takes Poland's national interests by holding the propaganda-political show in the country and Warsaw's surrendering to the US administration's blackmail is insult to European and European nations, said Kharrazi.. ... Unolt, for his part, underlined that the conference is not against Iran..

warsaw mayor bans far-right independence march

WARSAW, Poland — The mayor of Warsaw banned march that radical Polish nationalists planned to hold to coincide with the centennial of Polish independence, saying Wednesday she made the decision to curb aggressive nationalism... ... statue depicting Polish President Lech Kaczynski..


Israel ...

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