cult of death sweeps new england

By affirming that the right to kill one, Vermont Governor Phil Scott on Monday signed into law abortion rights bill that signals that State of Vermont is on the side of infanticide's child is a fundamental right of the mother.. ... The states are California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon,..

bernie sanders puts the new york times to shame

United States at that time, was supporting the Contras to overthrow the government, Ember, who co-authored a  Times story last week detailing Sanders's policy positions during his tenure as mayor of Burlington, Vermont... ... While some characterized Sanders's sharp responses as rude..

not so equal - religious liberty

Department of Justice gave its support to Vermont parents and school students whom the state barred from program that pays tuition for school students to take college courses. ... Vermont case is the in number of liberty filings by Justice Department under President Donald Trump. ..

no, bernie’s not anti-war

he is not member of the political party that writer Paul Street refers to as the dismal, dollar-drenched Dems, Vermont's Senator Bernie Sanders is once more seeking its nomination and has signed the loyalty oath.. ... Sanders and his Vermont Patrick Leahy waged fierce bureaucratic fight..

the biggest issues for states to watch in 2019

Democratic-controlled legislatures approved minimum-wage increases over the past two years Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, Nevada and Vermont, only to have them vetoed by GOP governors. ... Lawmakers Minnesota, and California, Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New..

why did god create us, if ...?

Prior to going to college, Mark worked in the building trades where he completed Vermont Electrical Apprenticeship and earned his Journeyman Electrician's License. Mark was raised on strawberry farm in the hills of Hartland, Vermont, where his has lived for several generations... ..

senate moves to quash ct's gmo food labeling law

Vermont's action prompted number of food companies, including Mars, General Mills, Kellogg's, Campbell Soup, and ConAgra, to put GMO labels on all of their packages. ... The industry and its allies say the moves by Vermont, will create a patchwork of regulations that would increase food..

2011 august

He leaves his Margaret, his son, Robert Pelosi and James Follett, and his chosen, William Conley, all of Wilmington, Vermont.. ..


On New Year's Eve 2000, surrounded by family and friends at Vermont, the men cemented their relationship under that state's law, would lead to healthier, happier relationship... ... Bonauto was involved in the lawsuit that led to Vermont legislation and is part of the team pursuing..

same-sex couples seek equal status

Lawlor expects lawmakers to consider bill providing gays and lesbians with full and marriage rights as was done with Vermont's law. ... Vermont's law, passed two years ago, has propelled the issue to the forefront of the gay rights agenda. ..

federal death penalty cases on the rise

Death penalty opponents from Vermont to Puerto Rico are embittered that the government is pursuing that option in the 12 states and other jurisdictions that do not allow capital punishment.. ... Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., also has proposed Innocence Protection Act, which would restrict the..

same-sex marriages revisited in vermont

By legislators less than year ago, BOSTON — Vermont's House of Representatives on Friday passed bill outlawing same-sex marriages, backlash against the union ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples approved.. ... Current Vermont prohibits man from marrying any of his close relatives. ..

supreme court upholds vermont voucher policy

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday allowed Vermont to continue its policy of subsidizing education and refusing funds for students. ... But the high courts Maine and Vermont have ruled that their states cannot provide reimbursement for religious schools.. ..

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