As a result, Washington is against any country with friendly ties with the legitimate government of Venezuela. . Russia, Iran, China, Turkey and numerous more countries have condemned the move and supported democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro. . ..

nicaragua: ortega faces key deadlines in june

Davila underlined that in spite of the terrible consequences that June may bring, the regime “does not want to yield” for three reasons: it no longer has time to negotiate a better agreement; the block of countries to which it belongs– Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China and Turkey– “is..


Russia and the United States are fighting a proxy war in Venezuela. Russia backs Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicolás Maduro, even though his regime has rigged the election and allowed crime, violence and starvation to rise. ... Until recently, Brazil, Cuba and..

young americans embracing socialism

On March 23, two Russian Air Force planes arrived in Venezuela’s capital carrying almost 100 soldiers, more than 38 tons of military equipment, and Vasily Tonkoshkurov, chief of staff of Russia’s Ground Forces. . ... For the people of Venezuela, Russia’s deployment..

russia, china veto us measure on venezuela in un

US envoy on Venezuela Elliott Abrams speaks to Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia ahead of vote on US draft resolution calling for new presidential elections Venezuela -- Russia and China vetoed the text. Russia and China on Thursday vetoed US in UN Security Council on addressing..

usa at the un: countries should support transition in

Mike Pompeo asked the nations to paralyze financial transactions with the government of Nicolás Maduro The bloc that supports the government of Guaidó with the US at the head faced the bloc led by Russia and China. Security Council convened by United States this Saturday to discuss the..

your political mental map

Jeremy Corbyn speaks endlessly of the need for a ‘kinder and gentler politics’ and the boundless badness of ‘the Tories’, but it’s a matter of objective record that he has spent the greater part of his life producing vile apologia for Third World dictatorships (Iran, Venezuela,..


Iran ...

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